Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I have decided to stop blogging. I just don't really have time for it and I have just groan out of it. BUT it has been the best experience! I have "met" some really awesome people because of my blog! (like Alexandrea and Talia ;))*and much more but they are my closest* I have had so much fun sharing about my life, building some writing skills, sharing my Pinterest addiction, fangirling over Doctor Who, and all the nice comments! Just because I have decided to stop my blog for now doesn't mean it will always be gone! In a few years if I decide to start blogging again I will come back here! So I'm not deleting my site!

So thank y'all for the wonderful years! I have had soooo much fun! :)

In Christ Alone,
Emma Margaret <3

All Things Good the Blog

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