Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Product Review: Blaine

The owner of Blaine let me do a product review! Thanks so much!

I got to review the Pan Am. Air Plain Necklace. It is gorgeous!

The package was gorgeous! My address was neatly written (or typed) In a very... fancy way... it was so cute! ^seen in picture^

The necklace was put in a vintage looking box with a picture of an old fashion family on the top. The box had a sheet of stuffing in it to protect the necklace, that was in a small bag.

The necklace chain sadly got tangled on the way, but was no big deal!

The clasp had a large square to hook in to, which is really nice not having to clasp it into a tiny whole!

The necklace is bronze. The loop from the charm to the necklace was slightly off color wise. But when wearing it no one knows it!

I LOVE my necklace!!! Thanks again for letting me do the product review!!! LOVE IT!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Product Review: Emarie Creations

Samantha from Emarie Creations let me do a product review for her! Thanks Samantha!

Isn't it gorgeous? She is very talented! The ring was so cute! I received it quickly, and my Mom and Sisters loved it too ;)

It goes with a variate of colors! Casual or fancy! Great for everyday use!

The ring is adjustable and sturdy, great for anybody! Though you don't need to have too small of fingers for this ring.

Samantha was great to work with, she let me pick something $15 or under, which I thought was very generous! This is what I wanted most (though there were TONS of other stuff I could have gotten ;)

She has tonsss of things in her shop! They are all adorable!

My Mom wanted me to add that her stuff is great for all ages! She absolutely loved my ring! I will have to let her barrow it ;)

Thanks SO much againg Samantha! I love my ring!!!!