Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fashion Week! Thursday {casual} infinity ring review from Lovely Little Rings

Today I am wearing half way new trend (or maybe I caught on late?) but it is really comfy and super cute!

I'm wearing

Yoga pants/capris
Big t shirt from Florida

I wore concealer, powder, and mascara for make up! and again my favorite hairstyle a messy bun!

I also show a picture of my henna tattoo from the beach anddddd this super gorgeous ring Meredith from Lovely Little Rings sent me!

This ring is so pretty! It seems to run true to size, but even though it is only $6 (<that includes shipping!!) It is sturdy! It won't bend like cheep wire rings do!
I have worn it several times and it hasn't tarnished! I try to not get it wet to be safe tho (but if you are worried about it you can put a clear coat of nail polish on it)
It goes great with a simple outfit like this or dressing up for a fancy occasion!
These rings would make an awesome gift for best friends too!!!

She also has infinity earrings and other cute rings! (You can get an infinity ring and earrings for only $11 bucks!!! can you believe it?!)

So go check out her shop! Like now! Here is the link! CLICK IT! 

Comment and tell me what you thought about the outfit! And if you buy one of Meredith's rings I know you will love it as much as I do!

Have an amazing day!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fashion Week! Wednesday {day at home} phone case review from AceTag.Com

Today's outfit is what I wear most days! I am wearing

a super comfy, mint, v neck, t shirt (Wal Mart)
Shorts (Wal Mart)
black flip flops (Wal Mart)

and the sponsor today is is AceTag.Com! They have amazing phone cases! Like this one that they gave me!!!!

They have tons of different designs AND it is hard for me to find a cute case for my not to popular phone! But this one is adorable! And since the case says Hakuna Matata and since it *breaks out in song* MEANS NO WORRIES FOR THE REST OF YOUR DAAAAYYYYSSSS!!!! I thought I would not wear make up and just not worry about it!

This case is very protective and fits the phone perfectly! They have iPhone Cases, Blackberry Cases, Extrovert Cases, Samsung Cases LOTS OF DIFFERENT TYPES!

and they are affordable! They range from $7-$15!

I had an old case and after about a week the design scratched off (I'm pretty rough with my phone!) and I have had this for a month and it still looks amazing!

Comment what you think about my outfit and check out ACETAG.Com and leave a link to your favorite case!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fashion Week! Tuesday {casual day} and pin review from Bohemian Apothercarium!

Today I wore a very casual but cute outfit! I am wearing

Danskin Now Shorts (Wal Mart)

Blessed Girl T Shirt (Wal Mart)


I wore my hair in my favorite messy bun and simple make up!

My awesome sponsors today are Josh and Beverly from Bohemian Apothecarium  ! They sponsored me with 2 amazing pins!

*NOTE* They no longer sell these pins because of copy right issues but they still have tons of adorable pins to choose from!

A Doctor Who quote pin

and a Captain America shield pin! 

(the I "heart heart" the Doctor pin is just an extra I added from a friend!)

These pins are awesome! They are super cute and durable! Also I have found that unlike some pins I have had before these don't fall off easily from my purse! 
Pins are in now with hipsters and I love the look they give my purse! 
(My purse is from Target!)

They also have TONS of different designs you can choose from! So if you are nerdy, like art, vegan, witty, or whatever! You can find a pin that will fit you!!!

Comment about what pin you would want and be sure to check out Josh and Beverly's shop! 

Have a fantastic day!!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Week of Fashion! Monday {fun day out} Eye Shadow Review from KMMS

I contacted the lovely Kim Snyder from Overall Beauty about reviewing her Pure Vegan Natural Mineral Eye Shadows and she sent me a tester set of 6 beautiful eye shadows!

Here is the look I created but I must say I have used these eye shadows soooo many times since I got them! 

Apply mascara and here is your finished look!

I love these eye shadows! They are beautiful colors and go on well! Even tho I got these for a review I have already used these several times and am LOVING them!!! They are also very affordable! I love shops that offer small quantities to test out the color, but even tho they are smaller you can get many uses out of them!!! You can test out 5 colors OF YOU CHOICE for $9.25! (<That includes shipping and tax!)

Today I wore 
cuffed blue jean shorts (upcycled)
with a 
Princess Vera Wang shirt in a minty color (hand-me-down)
and a white cami under it.

For my hair I just took the front part of my hair and pinned it up out of my face! 

Jewelry wise I wore a cross choker, my normal array of strange bracelets I never take off, and diamond stud earrings.

I was bear foot in the photo shoot but I paired these with some brown sandals! 

Tell me what you think of my outfit and be sure to go check out Kim's shop!!!

Have a wonderful day :)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fashion Week! Sunday {Let's Be Fancy!} Lip Tint Review from Milk and Honey

Today's outfit is something that I wear to church, weddings, and just fancy things! Here is what I'm wearing

high- low dress (Wal Mart)
sandals (hand me down)
anchor earrings (gift) 

If you want to know how I curled my hair without heat I used this method and it is awesome!!!

and for make up I just did my regular foundation, peachy blush, lined lash line, mascara, and the item I am reviewing 

this all natural lip tint/gloss from Milk and Honey in the color red brick! I Love this lip tint! Honestly I hate lip stick! I don't know if it's because of the way it feels or how I hate it with my braces but I just don't like it! But with this I can get the moisturizing smooth feeling with a very natural tint! (my family is always telling me I need a little color on my lips and this is in the middle with some color but a natural look!) But if you do like a bolder lip you can just apply more and build the amount of pigment! It also has no scent. 

You can get a tube of this for $7 (<that includes shipping) at her shop! She also has adorable bracelets and soaps!!! You NEED  to check Andrea's store out!!!

Also she's having a sale so go check it out!!!!

Leave a comment about what your favorite part about this outfit is and be sure to drop by Andrea's shop!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday!!!

Fashion Week {Friday Night With Friends} Earring Review from Made by LinLin

Today's outfit is inspired by.. well super heros! and what I like to wear to the movies with my friends!

I'm wearing a

Thor T shirt (Target)
up-cycled blue jean shorts
and converse!


 these lovely cream/peach color flower earrings from Made By LinLin! Linda sent me a bag of goodies to review and I love all the earrings!

  these are super cute big peach flower earrings
 a fish hook dangle earring with a purple bead
and my personal favorite silver leaf dangles!

They are all super cute earrings! I love Made By LinLin for a ton of reasons!

2. They can be everyday wear or for fancy things
3. Everything is super affordable! liiikkkeeee

I could get this necklace
and these earrings

for $15! (aren't they adorable?)

all of her items are great quality and you get exactly whats shown in the picture! 

I love this outift! It's got geekiness AND cuteness to it! Just my style! 

Comment what you thing about my outfit and go get you some jewelry from Linda! You won't be sorry!!!

Have a beautiful day!!!