Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fashion Week! Thursday {casual} infinity ring review from Lovely Little Rings

Today I am wearing half way new trend (or maybe I caught on late?) but it is really comfy and super cute!

I'm wearing

Yoga pants/capris
Big t shirt from Florida

I wore concealer, powder, and mascara for make up! and again my favorite hairstyle a messy bun!

I also show a picture of my henna tattoo from the beach anddddd this super gorgeous ring Meredith from Lovely Little Rings sent me!

This ring is so pretty! It seems to run true to size, but even though it is only $6 (<that includes shipping!!) It is sturdy! It won't bend like cheep wire rings do!
I have worn it several times and it hasn't tarnished! I try to not get it wet to be safe tho (but if you are worried about it you can put a clear coat of nail polish on it)
It goes great with a simple outfit like this or dressing up for a fancy occasion!
These rings would make an awesome gift for best friends too!!!

She also has infinity earrings and other cute rings! (You can get an infinity ring and earrings for only $11 bucks!!! can you believe it?!)

So go check out her shop! Like now! Here is the link! CLICK IT! 

Comment and tell me what you thought about the outfit! And if you buy one of Meredith's rings I know you will love it as much as I do!

Have an amazing day!!!!

2 note(s):

  1. Your style always looks so comfortable and pretty! I love your blog, it and you are beautiful.

    ~Sarah //

  2. hello! i nominated you on my blog! if you don't want to do it that fine, but i love your blog!

    xx, elisabeth


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