Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fashion Week! Sunday {Let's Be Fancy!} Lip Tint Review from Milk and Honey

Today's outfit is something that I wear to church, weddings, and just fancy things! Here is what I'm wearing

high- low dress (Wal Mart)
sandals (hand me down)
anchor earrings (gift) 

If you want to know how I curled my hair without heat I used this method and it is awesome!!!

and for make up I just did my regular foundation, peachy blush, lined lash line, mascara, and the item I am reviewing 

this all natural lip tint/gloss from Milk and Honey in the color red brick! I Love this lip tint! Honestly I hate lip stick! I don't know if it's because of the way it feels or how I hate it with my braces but I just don't like it! But with this I can get the moisturizing smooth feeling with a very natural tint! (my family is always telling me I need a little color on my lips and this is in the middle with some color but a natural look!) But if you do like a bolder lip you can just apply more and build the amount of pigment! It also has no scent. 

You can get a tube of this for $7 (<that includes shipping) at her shop! She also has adorable bracelets and soaps!!! You NEED  to check Andrea's store out!!!

Also she's having a sale so go check it out!!!!

Leave a comment about what your favorite part about this outfit is and be sure to drop by Andrea's shop!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday!!!

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  1. I have to try this! I'm always being told I need color on my lips too, my lips are as pale as a ghost {which is why I usually opt for a super matte, bright red lip}.


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