Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last Day! {and GIVEAWAY!!!}

For the last day of the month challenge why not have a giveaway??? Here is the giveaway chart for the month :)


So Made by Lin Lin (one of my FAVORITE SHOPS!) is sponsoring 2 pairs of her beautiful earrings!!!

Here they are!


SO SO SO SO SO cute!!! Don't you just LOVE them?!

So want to know how to win???

Manditory~ Follow my blog :)


Buy something from Made By LinLin (10)

Heart Made By LinLin (1)

Heart My shop (1)

Blog about the giveaway(3)

Scream into a pillow (I just like having that one =)

Well there you have it!

I have had SO much fun blogging everyday! Thank y'all for making this fun! Getting all the comments and knowing some people read my blog! I have 54 followers!!! WOW!!! and =D!

Any way! Have a good day and let the comments begin!!!!!

In Christ,

Emma Margaret

Monday, January 30, 2012

My Day!

Today Mama took me out for a fun day!

First we went to eat at Connie's Kitchen. One of our favorite restaurants!!! (I got a lemon bar for desert:)

The we went shopping at Wall Mart then went to visit my Grandfather in the Senior Care Unit. We stayed for about an hour. I enjoyed myself very much!

A funny story we were at Wall Mart and a random little boy called me a princes :)

Any way I had a very good day!

This is my 160th post! Tomorrow will be my last day of the month to blog!!! YAY! Then we will see what we are going to do.

Have a good day!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Please Pray!

So my Grandfather was in the hospital a week and a half (Mama was helping Gram (our Grandmother) and Sam Sam (our Grandfather) and we got to see her twice.

Then he went in to the swing bed unit for 3 and a half weeks (Mama got to come home but had to leave every night to stay with him).

Then he went home and Mama went over there to help them.

Today at Church Grace called Mama and they were in an Ambulance on there way to the hospital with Sam Sam. He fell and possably hurt his Leg or Hip.

Please keep us in your prayers! We thought things were going to settle down and Mama could come home and stay home. This may not be too bad or it could be pretty bad. I don't know.

Have a good Sunday!

Hey Bloggers!

Just wanted to say we will be going for church soon but I may get time to blog later any way

Have a good Sunday!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Good Night!

Day 28! And Blog awards!

I only have 3 days left. After that I may challenge myself to not get on the computor for a week (but I would check the important things like etsy email all that stuff but as little as possible).

Any way I think this is about my 155 post! Wow! I wonder when my blogaversary is???

Growing up Grace                    My life Unmasked                and                       Hann-y

Have awarded me the

Add caption

Y'all are so Irresistibly sweet!!! Wow 3! Okay now on to the questions!

I have to say 7 Random things about my self then give the award to some more blogs.

7 random things
1. I joke about growing a mustache to make my self look older =)
2. My favorite color used to be red and now it is probably my least favorite color.
3. I call my dog Babyness. I know were nuts =)
4. I am listening to k~love and Cinderella came on!!! *sniff sniff*
5. I won't to try to sing a special in church once a month.
6. I won't to try crackle!
7. I am thinking about changing my etsy shops name to "That's So Bloggerish!" What do y'all think?

Now I award!!!

So to the people I awarded you don't have to do it but if you want to I would be happy to read 7 random things about you ;)

I am happy because I found the Adventures in Oddesy (how ever you spell that) station =D

Any way have a good day!!!