Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Talk To Me Tuesday

(This is where I will be talking to myself =)
Oh Emma. Why are we so lazy? Well I'm not too lazy. Today I did get up at 6 and got every thing done pretty quickly, and I did get done with school about 10:55. Your rite! I did get all that done!

I need to brush my hair! You are rite there! It is quite messy! I know... I just have a hard time keeping it straight =( 

I love that little dog of mine =)

"Love the way you hold me! By my side you'll always be. You make each and every day special in some way! I love the way you hold me...."
Really like that song! I know almost all the words and the first time I heard it was 3 days ago!

Well sorry Emma for such a short post but I have to go! Oh man! I know... But daddy has to get on the computor. Okay.

"Just remember kids God made you special and he loves you very much!"


7 note(s):

  1. I like this! The song sounds really cool. That is the first time I have ever heard that song!

  2. Jamie Grace! :D That song is so awesome, but my dad extremely dislikes it (I would've said hate but its such a strong word ;) ). So of course, being the sweet daughter I am, turn it up on the radio and sing along as loud as I can just to tease him :P
    I love this post! You're so funny :)

    1. JesusChick, I do that to my dad all the time too. I always try to tease him about songs that I know he truly dislikes.

  3. Haha! That is funny Jesus Chick! I am glad you like it Megann =)

  4. Oh you like this song to!!! I LOVE it!!!! Funny in the same day I found 3 people who like this song!

  5. Ha! I really like Jamie Grace!


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