Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thinking Thursday

My sister used to say

"I don't think much but sometimes I do"

=D She did not think she thought much =D

Any way have y'all ever thought about the perfect way God designed us? Okay raise your hand if you like to get hurt! Hm... No hands? Well if we did not feel the pain it would not be good! Have you ever thought that if your arm was on fire and you did not feel it you may die? (Okay I know I am weired) but that is the plain truth. God has made us perfectly! He made us feel pain so we could take care of our self.

Okay so some of you may be going "Emma I like learned this is the 4th grade! Can we get to the FUN stuff now????"

But I had not thought this till a couple of years ago in school. Now this is like the weirdest thing to say but I guess we should be thankful for pain =P

God has made all things perfectly like if the sun were a little closer we would burn up, if it were a little farther away we would freeze. God made trees so we could keep breathing oxygen. If we did not have snakes a lot of the crops farmers raise would be ruined by Mice and you could say alot more of this type stuff.

Well I am going to get ready for our fun day! Thanks for reading! {hope I did not bore you =}

4 note(s):

  1. You are so right. I have thought about our distance from the sun. I am very thankful that God made a place where we can live without burning up.

  2. Hey Emma-you won my giveaway-but you are supposed to comment today to claim the prize! Just wanted to get your attention ;)

  3. Great post, Emma! And no, you did not bore me at all :) I love reading your posts, they are fun and bubbly :)

  4. Thanks so much JesusChick! That made my day =D Thanks for telling me Breanne! I am very thankful too GodsGirlz1!


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