Saturday, January 21, 2012

When I first started Blogging... (y'all are so sweet =)

When I first started blogging I had post like this

"So we have been listening to some Cd's that are called adventures in Odyssey. You can go to there website here. They are Christian mystery Cd's. Well they aren't all mystery's they are also just.... well stories. But they are REALLY good. I love them. Really good to take in the car and listen to if you have a long drive. Or a short drive. You can buy them from
God Bless You!"

and that was  post.

When I started blogging I had 4 follower at the most.

When I started blogging my blog did not have a super cute design like it does now! (I am HOPING To get a new one soon!!!)

When I started blogging I did not have all these sweet follower. I did not have y'all to tell me y'all like my new hair cut, or my type size was fine, or it would be fun to do a post about myself and that is one thing I love. I love all my follower =) Thank y'll SO SO SO SO SO much for your support and comments! Have a good day!

7 note(s):

  1. I LOVE Adventures In Odyssey! Eugene is funny and very brainy... lol:D

  2. I used to listen to adventures in oddessy, I really liked them! then they changed a bit, I liked the older episodes!

  3. I LOOOVVVEEE edventures in Oddessy!

  4. Awesome!!! And I love your blog design (:

  5. You are a much better blogger than you used to be! (Just kidding, but you have improved...)

    P.S. I can take a hint... ;)

  6. Thanks Stella! and Grace =) I luv edventures in odyssey too =)


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