Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sorry =(

Sorry I did not do my Saturday thing but that is okay. I still blogged. That was the point. so =). Any way...

Do you want to know what I do on Sundays? Well if not you will just have to suffer through.

First I am usually waken up then I get dressed. Then after a rushed getting ready and get to church we go to our small church Holly Bluff Baptist. Then after church we come home and do various things. Than at 5:00 we go to night church. and that is pretty much our Sunday. Not the most exciting but it's not bad at all =)

I know this is a very short post but... Sorry =)

Your Blogger,
Emma Margaret D.

9 note(s):

  1. Your Sundays sound fun! Short posts are always the fun ones ;)

  2. I get woken up too on Sunday morning. I am rushed to get ready and then I go to church. After that I come home and hang out until 5:30 then we leave for church again.

  3. Emma, do you have a follow my feeds button on your blog?

  4. GodsGirlz1 I don't think so... We sound like we have the same sceduals on Sundays =)

    1. You do actually I found it. It is on the bottom of your page.

  5. Okay. I don't think I know what it is =)


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