Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 27!

So today I have been blogging for 27 days and have been enjoying it very much!

Yesturday I made some really pretty stuff for my etsy but don't have any pictures yet =( So I will just tell you about it =) They are very little green beads on wire. On one every 95 beads there would be a little white bead, a big pink bead, then a little white bead (I did that 4 times so there are about 400 beads on my first one =) Then on my seconds on there are 80 green beads then a white bead then either a green,pink,dark green, or blue bead then another white bead then 80 green beads.(I did that 4 times too =)

I think they are very pretty :)

If y'all have an etsy I would LOVE to check it out =)

BTW which smilie face should I start using

:) =) =D :D ;) ;D

Which one? I like the first and the 5th.

Have a good day :)

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