Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Day {and a little of last night}

Last night my sisters and I rented a movie. The movie was the City of Ember. I did not really like it but if it is your favorite movie no offence =) My big sister bought us some ice cream bars and we had a fun time =D

Today Mama, My Sisters and I went to town. We went to Hancock Fabrics, The Christian Book Store, Life Way, and Hobby Lobby (pretty much). We bought a lot of cool crafting stuff to make for our etsy (my sister is going to start an online shop =) So we had a lot of fun!

I made two cute necklaces that are going on my etsy! They are so cute!!! (including a bottle cap necklace =)

I am glad I got to blog. I thought I might not get to it. That would be bad cause then I would have to start my whole month over! That would be very bad!!!

There was a little bad weather but NOTHING like when we saw a Tornado start to form (care to hear about it???)

Well one day we were going to get our Grandparent (my daddy's parents) from the hospital. We were at a red light.... quick pause I am DEATHLY afraid of storms and have turned white before! I hate storms! Any way back to the story... We were at a red light and there was a grey funnle of clouds growing bigger and sucking up things. SOOOO scary!!!! Any way we were safe! God kept us safe. There was some rain that was so hard we could not see in front of us! Scary!

Well I hope y'all have a good night =)


PS Should I change the name of my shop to "That's So Bloggerish!"???

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