Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I just thought it would be cool to do that as the post name there is no reason it is called hello. =) I want to design a blog! But not mine =) Is that a little scary? I have designed other peoples blogs but I don't design my own. Maybe just a little scary to the people I have designed blogs for ;) Any one need a design??? =D

Have y'all noticed I use smileys alot? BTW is my writing too small? Do I need to make it bigger? Or is it Ok?

Hm... Well tomorrow we are going with a friend to where her family lives (note to self~ charge your ipod) . That will be fun!

My friend may come over Saturday!!!!!!!! (Excited)! One idea I had was for us to dress up in may cup and do our nails and then take some pics! Do y'all have any ideas???

I am LOVING Ivy Leah (for those of you who do not know that is my brand new ipod =). The seller forgot to put in the USB cable so I contacted her (her name is Leah =) and she said she would send me 2 because of the mix up! Isn't that nice?!

Well I guess I should go... Bye Bye!!!

5 note(s):

  1. That's great that the seller was able to help you and not give you problems! :) Have fun with your friends!

  2. Ya! The seller was really nice!

  3. That's nice that the sellar was so nice to give you one. When I bought an mp3 player a year ago. It didn't work very well so I got a new one. It was very nice.

  4. You type size is just fine! I love your blog, and blog design! I'm following now. Is your favorite color purple?


  5. Yes my favorite color is purple!!!! How did you know???? =) It was VERY nice of the seller =)


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