Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good Morning my Followers!

Good Morning! How are y'all? Right now I am at Micky D's on the computer blogging! First time for every thing! Okay so now for the real post...

What is the deal with keeping calm?!

So what is the deal with keeping calm? Why not get excited and love your blog!!!??? I do like these though =) There was one that said "Keep Calm and be Southern" LOVE IT! Was that random enough??? 

BTW McDonald's has some of the BEST hot chocolate! But I love the hot chocolate we make (Here is the recipe =)

Best Hot Chocolate Ever

1 Can of Condensed Milk
3 TBSP of Coco powder
5 Cups of Milk

What you will need:
Stove Top
TBSP Measurement 
1 Cup Measurement

What you do:
Take your small pot, Coco Powder, and condensed milk. Pour the condensed milk and coco powder in your pot and stir until mixed well. Then add you milk and heat. Cook until warm. Now Enjoy!!!

It is SOOO good!
On the 13th we are going to have a really awesome guest post from Hannah. (Click on her name to check out her blog) One of her goals for this year is to reach 100 followers and I am SURE she won't mind if you check out her blog =) (Comment and tell me if you checked out her blog. I designed it =) 

I have designed 2 blogs hann-y and a Pearl of Great Price =)

So how has your day gone? Hope you have enjoyed the post! By!!!

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  1. Hi Emma!

    I have something on my blog I'd like you to see if you get a chance!

    xoxo ~Ireland

  2. Hi,

    Thank you for your comment on my story : ) It was very sweet of you!

  3. Thanks for the sweet post Ireland! And I really like your story Ivy =)

  4. Mmm, that looks delicious! I'll have to try it sometime before the Winter goes away! :)


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