Saturday, April 28, 2012

Winners of the photo contest!

First place is....

Now I want you to mail it to me.... ;) I love how you used the sepia! It is a beautiful pictures!!!

Second place is....

I love the color, and the rain drops!!! So pretty!!!

Third place is....

I saw a "professional" picture like this and really liked it :) You did a great job!

So congrats to the winners!!!!!


A Challenge for You!

So I am about to go figure out the winner of the photo contest, and we will continue the challenges I have been doing when my life settles down a bit, but I thought this would be fun!


Make a design that you think I would like then post it on your blog and give me the link! Then I will pick a winner and put it on my blog for up to a week, and have a button on my side bar telling where I got the design! So go ahead and try! Here are somethings I like!

I love cursive and blog fonts, peach and green colors, white back grounds are my fav.

Have fun!!!



Morgan is doing well today! He was wagging his tail and can move his head around, but he is still paralyzed in the legs, but he was trying to support his wait. He was also so happy! And all the nurses at the vet love him :) He is so precious!

Keep praying!


Friday, April 27, 2012

Product Reviews!!!

If you have a shop I would LOVE to review something from it! You will get a big blog post done about the product then an etsy button/link (I can make it if you can't!) on my side bar for 3 months! You can leave a comment or an email if you are interested!!!

LOL (LoveOurLord!),

PS Morgan is still the same :'( Keep praying!!!

Morgan is making me Sad...

We keep thinking he is doing good, then the doctor says he is doing bad :( GRRR!!! It is so... Well it is hard not knowing and going up and down! Thanks for all your prayers and I hope y'all will keep praying (we may have to put him to sleep Monday :'(

Just want to say I love you Morgan! And even though it has been crazy, I am glad we found you!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tick Peralysis?

So sorry for the tons of posting when I am supposed to be taking a break... Anyway! Morgan may have Tick Peralysis (however you spell it!) So it could go eather way... It could kill him or he could live... (yesterday we picked 30+ ticks :( Pour puppy) So just wanted to update y'all a little more!



Morgan is not doing well... we took him to the vet last night for them to keep and the vet's assistant did not think it looked real good, but we just didn't know! So this morning we called and... he is in a lot of pain and not doing well.... needless to day we all have tear stained eyes... we are still praying and the vet is going to see him... Please pray!!! He is SOOOO precise!

LOL (LOveOurLord!),

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


So Mama had to bring him (Morgan is a dog my dad found in the woods check the last post to understand) home, and he is the most sweet, bitten up, puppy you have ever met!!! He had maggots all over his stomach, and his stomach is raw :(, but he is so sweet! And is such a trooper! We had to turn him this way and that had to clean the maggots off, take all the ticks out of his ears, clean out his nose so he could breath ETC. LOVE HIM!!!

But please keep praying! We have not taken him to the vet yet, and I don't know what he will say :(


PS He is also horse (as in can't talk with out a scrachy voice :(

Please Pray :(

Daddy was out (in his job) and found a dog in the woods :( He is in really bad shape. He shared lunch with "Morgan" What Daddy started calling him :) That was yesterday so today he went back and decided we needed to take him to the vet. So Mama went to pick him up and we are waiting to here if he will even make it :( We may have to put it to sleep... So please pray that Morgan will be okay! I would really apriciate your prayers! And don't worry I will tell you what happens!!!

LOL (LoveOurLord!),

PS He is about a 1 year old black lab so he would fit right in with out family ;)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Break :)

First I HATE BLOGGERS NEW LOOK! (You can't see it out there but making a post or on your dash bourd you can) making a post is like going on Microsoft Word! :( I do not like the cone of shame... Oh sorry! I mean I do not like bloggers new look...

SO now that I have that out I want to say I am taking a break! For a week.... sound good? And then I will start blogging again and start everything back... k? You can still order blog designs or whatever I will just take me a little longer than normal... So everyone have a good week!!!

LOL (LoveOurLord!!!),

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pray Love Live!

So I am going to sponsor Pray Love Live the blog

BUT guess what? She needs 20 followers so I can sponsor her... SOOOO my wonderful, awesome, epic, followers who would like to follow her? Give her some support!!!! (and then you can enter the giveaway I am going to sponsor :) SO go follow her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How to Design a Blog: BASIC (giveaway winners read)

So a couple people (GodsGirlz1 and Ashely to be exact ;) have asked me to show them how to design a blog! So it is really easy! All you need is a little imagination and paint! (like the computer paint if you don't have that it is ok there are other options)

So go to paint and make your page the size of your header. Then go and put your blog name and all the curlie cues you want etc. Like this NOTE: If you do not have paint try

Now save to your computor under a name you will remember!

Now for blogger: So now go to your blogger and go to design. Then where it says your blog name (the top square) you click on EDIT then load your image then when it is loaded (picture will come up when it is loaded) you press save. That is how to make a header! If you want a back ground what you do is go to paint and make you solid back ground like this

I wanted mine white :) So save that and go to design. then under the word design you will see thees pages :Page Elements, Edit HTML, Template Designer. Go to Template Designer and press back ground. Then go to add an image and upload your image. If the measurements are not excactly right and half the header is over here go to udjust withs and change it around (slowly though! You don't want to mess something up!)  And there you have it!!!

Now for Word Press: You want to make your back ground and header the same but I don't know how to put it on a Word Press, so mess around a little to try to figure out!!!

There you go! If you mess up really bad ask me and I will try to help you out! But you can do this!!!

GIVEAWAY WINNERS!!! I am so sorry I did not put how to contact me! Email me at


Saturday, April 21, 2012


The winner of the costom made blog design is

The winner of
this design is


The winner of the 50% off coupon is Ashley!

Y'all can use these, let me pick another winner, or use them in giveaways on your blog! Congrats!!!

It's Saturday!

Yesterday was my Daddy's birthday (as I mentioned yesterday) so we had a fun day (well pretty much) Daddy had a head ache (he has migraines so he gets them kinda often and they hurt him really bad :()

So for his birthday I made 2 pizzas (with a little help from Beth *little sister* ;) and a (from scratch may I mention!) Chocolate sheet cake. It was really good if I do say so my self! ;) so we had supper and a movie. Can it get better? It did! We got to stay up late too! It was only till 11 (I say only because us girls like to stay up LATE and I mean LATE!) But at 10:30 it felt like 12:30 (I don't know why!!!) So we went to bed....

Today is Saturday... I love Saturday... projects you have been dreaming about doing all week getting put of to Saturday... little shopping trips... sleeping in late... blogging... listening to Edventures in Oddessy... and just doing whatever...

So can you tell I like Saturday?! I do! SOOOOO........ any way! I hope y'all have a great day!

LOL (LoveOurLord!!!),

Friday, April 20, 2012


It is perfect... 100 followers (OH MY GOODNESS!!!!), 300 301 posts,  awesome followers, staying up late, fun with my dad's birthday, (happy birthday daddy!!!! Love you!!!) good new movie, home made pizza, and saying epic (okay I have not said epic much today :( Wow 100 followers! WOW WOW WOW, wait!!! Don't unfollow me!!! Y'all always do that right after a big number (like 70, 90 etc.) So please be nice :( What did I do to you ;) LOL

So have a good night!!!




I am about to tell y'all why....


I know this is wereid but hang with me....

you will find out why I am doing this

yes you will!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


I don't know what to post about so I am going to do a random post, because they are awesome. epic even. i am being weired. do you agree. why am i using all periods. and why am i not capitalizing. i am spelling all the words wrong. Okay, sorry! Odd moment!!! I am going to make an about page, then I am going to post it and post it as a post...

weired post...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sorry For Not Blogging Challenge:day three

Sorry I did not blog the challenge so here is challenge day three!

This may seem silly, but have you ever met a really nice person and wonder if they are a Christian? My little sister always has that idea :) So try it! (not that y'all are always frowning ;)

So Have a good nigh, I have to go to be :P!!!!


PS I am so happy how alot of you started signing your names with a verse, etc. Y'all make me happy :)

PSS How do you like the design? made it myself! Still workin' on it though!!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Let Us Learn to Moon Walk!!!

That is what I will be doing after supper. Nuf said?

Monday, April 16, 2012

For Those of You That Don't Know...

I am a nut. So for those that believe me and those that are not convised let me show you,

Sometimes my dad and I wonder what normal fathers and daughters do...
I think Flin Rider is the coolest and don't tell anyone but I have a crush ;)...
I need a frying pan to defend myself...
I quote movies more than you know!!!...
When you watch a war movie with Indians in it, I tend to wonder why men Indians shave under there arms...
I am almost out of school and I don't know what I will do without school for the summer... (I will live!)...
Alot of people don't know I am a nut because I act so nice ;)...
and just for Nichole a quick hair tutorial for the hair design I did in the I am so blessed photo challang

Thanks for asking about it Nichole!!! *Love your name!!!*

Back to the list!

I sing the song from Tangled that they sang to make Lady Gothel young...
Flower Gleam and glow... let your power shine... save what has been lost... bring back what once was mine... what once was mine... (TANGLED FAN!!!)...
I for some reason name all the plants in my garden...
My friends think I am wiered because I ONLY listen to Christian music...

The list could go on and on!!! 

LOL (LoveOurLord!!),

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Thanks so Much Y'all! (challenge day 2)

Y'all have been so supportive of my last post! I was so happy to see a lot of you girls signing your name with a verse and stuff! Y'all are so awesome :) So I am going to be busy tomorrow so I thought I would go on and give you tomorrows challenge (since today's was easy ;) So day 2!

2. Don't take God's name in Vain
For some of y'all this will be hard or maybe easy.
What exactly is this you ask? It is not using God's name in respect. How often have you said,"Oh my God!" or "Oh my Gosh!" or just put OMG in a blog post? This is using God's (remember HE is our Creator, God, Great physician, support, EVERYTHING) name for an expression. That don't sound right! HIS name deserves respect! Who is with me? So it may be kinda hard to change your habit, but this is kinda serious, (it is even one of the 10 commandment).

So maybe try to do this. I know in our house taking God's name in vain is an "ugly word!". So lets be respectful to God! Tell me what you think! Will you try this?


Challenge: Day One

So I am a Baptist, I will just tell y'all! I believe God's Son, Jesus, came to earth as a man (but still God), and died on the cross to save us from our sins, and then arose, defeating death the 3rd day. Same view point anyone? But sometimes do we show people we are Christians? So your answer may be, "YES! Of course I do? Are you a nut?" well yes I am a nut, but I don't think I show it enough! So everyday I am going to post something to show people we are Christians.

This is not going to be always easy! but we are going to do it!!! So I am going to give you the first challenge (they will get harder ;)

1. Be a witness online
at the end of a comment or a post about anything try ending a post maybe something like this

...God Bless!

XOXO, (however you end the post)


In Christ,

I thought this one was cool ;)

LOL (love our Lord),

Or leave your favorite verse like

Emma <3
 John 3:16
What do y'all think? This is very easy! Just leave them at the end of comments, emails, blog posts anything! Easy right?

So if you want to join this challenge with me go ahead! Comment and tell me about it!

LOL(love our Lord 1st Corinthians 13:13),


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Link Up!

1. Introduce yourself a little bit for those dropping by from the link up...
I am a 13 year old nut who loves her dog and making stuff (and being lazy and blog designing ;)

2. Maybe share a picture of yourself? (optional)
Don't have one right now :(

3. What are your favorite colors to wear during the spring?
I usually just wear my normal colors!

4. Favorite accessories to wear?
Flats (or heels ;) and necklaces!

5. Hats? What's your opinions of them? What style do you like best? Are baseball caps unfeminine?
I love hats! But they don't look good on me! I think baseball caps are unfeminine but they come in handy sometimes!
6. Where you live, what are the first signs that Spring is coming?
Green leaves :)
7. What is a normal Spring activity in your house?
8. What are you looking forward to this upcoming Spring/Summer?
VACATION and getting out school!!! YAY!

9. Are you planning on taking any trips?
Vacation to the beach :)
10. Will you be involved in some sort of volunteer work this year?
My mom might volentere me for something, but probebly not much...

11. Do you plan on doing something different this year than in 2011?
I would really like to try to spend more time outside and set a goal for how many books to read this summer.

12. If you were driving a convertible on a breezy, warm day what music would be playing on your radio?

13. Is there any book or movies you want to read/see this spring/summer?
The rest of the Millie Kieth in a life of faith seriese (I just have to left but don't have them!!! can anyone loan them to me?!?!?!)

14. Complete this sentence...please. "A Spring day is perfect with--"
...with no school :) Ahhh...

15. Have you turned on your AC yet?

16. What smell brings past spring memories to you?
There is somthing about the sunshine and air in spring that reminds me of when I was "little" getting ready for church :)

17. During the warmer months of the year, do you tend to hole yourself up inside, or get out and enjoy the weather?
Inside :(

18. Please, take a look around our Etsy shops. Is there anyway we can improve to make our
19. shops stand out and make a better appeal?
I think Grace should add more stuff!

20. In marketing- do you think it is important for a blog and Etsy to, somewhat, match?
Maybe a little...

21. Like blog buttons, would you share a button linked to an Etsy shop that you like?
Yep :)
Go enter there giveaway!

Lets Make our Blogs Better!

So sometimes you may feel discouraged about your blog, or want to do something with your blog! Ya know the feeling? So What I am going to do is give myself a new blog design, scedual a once a week post and then do a big blog post! K?

So I told y'all yesturday I was going caping, right? Well I have had the most fun time ever!!!

First we packed all out stuff, and left! (that is usually how you start) Then when we got here we put up our tent and made a fire (I <3 fire ;) LOL) Then we had Hot Dogs and Rosted Marshmallows (BEST SUPPER EVAH!) *I ment to spell ever that way ;)* Then we had a fun time sleeping out side, we talked, but mainly laughed!!! Then we ate a whole bag of chips and 2 cans of coke (my Dad sister and I) then went to bed.

This morning we woke up at 7, got up, ate breakfast (pop tarts!!!), and got ready to fish!!! We went out to fish at 8:30 and Beth caght a fish right away! Then Daddy cought a fish right after that... *3 hours later* Daddy catches another fish and we leave. Yep! I caught 100% of NOTHING!!!!! PATHETIC! ;)

Now we are at my GrandParents house. We have had an epic time!!!

have a good day!

God Bless!!!


PS. Don't forget my blog design blog!!! (HERE)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Just so you know!!!!

Okay I am going to tell you just so you know where I am! I am going Camping tonight! Daddy is taking my little sister and I camping and fishing at out Grandparrents house! Daddy knows a lot about putting up tents, fishing and that sort of stuff! I am really excited! So can't wait to blog all about it! AND my surprise is....

A blog design shop! FOR FREE! Go check out Yours Truly Blog Designs Here! I would love to design your blog!!!


I am Working on Something...

Yes I am! but y'all will have to wait a little while, K? So just sit tight and find a good blog to read! {I KNOW mine would be first choice but you have to find another one :(} I just kidding ;)


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Photo Challenge Entry!

Here is my entry for the

Go to Rebecca's blog!
Go to Grace's blog!

Hey Girlys!

So y'all know how I got months behind in school because my sister was sick for months, than my grandfather was sick for a month or two, than my grandmother got sick, and than our life was just turned upside down from all this crazieness? *silence* So y'all may have not know ALL about this... um... anyway... ya my sister was sick for months (and we home school so with her sick not much school got done, if one is sick, school kinda... stops.) Than SamSam (grandfather) got sick and Mama was with him the whole time (not much school got done with Mama not home!!!!!) than when Mama "moved back home" We were all like a bunch of bachelors :) The house stayed kinda messy we didn't cook we just ate whatever.... ya know? Well all this means I WAS REALLY BEHIND IN SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnle! I am going to finish school soon! I just had to share my joy! Now I am going to do more school!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Photo Challenge...

Here is my entry for the photo challenge over here!

not the best but it works!!!!!...... right? :)

Go check it out here!!!


I Want To Do Something Big!

You know all these blogs have these really cool, cleaver, weekly things? I have the urge for one of them... *silence*... Okay... anyway... I am going o work on school because I am going to finish this year soon! Then I will 13 and in the 8th grade... What more can I ask for??? :) LOL

See ya later!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Photo Chalenge: I am So Blessed : Week 1

Wether you relize it or not, we are all so blessed! Our health, shcool =P, elctricity, my faith, Veggie Tales, and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much more! So while I am feeling so happy and blessed I am going to have a photo challenge! What makes you happy? Take a picture of it!!! I am not entering mine this week, but this is something that makes me happy!

(as you can tell I did not take it :) 

My Baby, Josie <3, makes me happy (Josie=dog ^^^)

So Here is how you enter!

Make a post on your blog about the photo challenge and take a picture of one thing that makes you happy!

Then leave me a link in a comment on this post and I will add it to the blog post!

Also why don't you have one of you own?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lets Have an Easter Giveaway!

I think it is about time! Don't y'all?

But before we start Anna Katherine wins the prize from THIS giveaway! Email me soon! (she already has my email address ;)

Now on to the giveaway!!!

The fist prize is a free blog design by me!
comes with 
 a header
about on side bar
solid or pattern back ground

(blogger only :( No word Press, sorry :(
The Second prize is this blog design on your blog!
   comes in your colors and with or without balloon (or it might can be changed to a different shape)

 The 3rd prize is a 50% off coupon and free shipping to 1-3 items in my shop! (blogger only :(

Ready to enter? Here's how!

First I need to say leave each entry in one comment, like if you put my button on your blog and is said (2) you would leave 2 comments saying you did that. If you only leave one or leave all your entries in one comment it will not be counted! If you buy something from my shop just leave one comment.

The Must dos 
Follow my blog!(2)

The Little Extra things ;)
Follow me blog lovin'(1)
put my button on your side bar(2)
tell me what you do on Easter(1)
blog about the giveaway (3)
buy something from my shop (15)
Scream into a pillow (2) *all alternative are 1 point less ;)

Now go have fun!!!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter y'all! Yesterday we went to an Easter play at a friends church. It was lots of fun! Then this morning we went to Sun Rise Service at a Church near by (y'all may be wondering why we did not go to our church, well our church and the Methodos Church across the road swap sun rise services, like this Easter we went over there, next Easter we will go to our Church etc.) My Friend, Tori <3, was there and she made her won Easter dress too! So it was really fun to finally get to see each others Easter dresses (after talking about them for SO long ;)

So after singing, there was a small sermon, then we went to the back and had dough nuts and fellow shipped. It was lots of fun :)

Now we are at home *sleepy*...

How is your Easter?

Saturday, April 7, 2012


You don't have to be scared ;) So I will tell you about what I have been doing, Sound good?

SO lets start with not last Monday but the Monday before last (YES I am that behind!)

That day I finished making my Easter Dress!!! It is so cute! (I will let y'all see it later ;)

Then Tuesday I got my braces on.

Wednesday I shocked my friend at church with my braces (braces were killing me that day!)

Thursday I went to piano (braces were killing me that day too!)

Friday I don't remember, Oh yes I do!!! I went to the movies with some friends! We say October Baby, and it was SO AWESOME!!!!

Saturday don't remember :(

Sunday went to church! That night my friend and I practiced the song Jesus Massiah to sing on Easter.

Monday I made matching clutches for the girls in sewing, but I had to leave before them because of really bad weather :(

Tuesday more bad weather I think...

Wednesday I practiced Jesus Massiah again at church..

Thursday... not much... but it was a beautiful day! OH I planted my garden that day too! (I named all my plants, but I don't know what to call the last 4 okra :( Any ideas?

Friday our piano teacher came over and tought us piano (she has never come to our house before so that was fun)

Saturday well I will have to tell y'all about that when I am finished!

Oh, if any of you would like to guest post (some people have asked) Just email me you post to


and I will post it!

You have until Wednesday to send them to me! So email me soon!

In Christ,
 Emma <3

Friday, April 6, 2012

"I Thurst": a guest post by Grace

First of all, thanks Emma, for allowing me to guest post. :)

I'm Grace, a teenager in the the "middle" of my teen years. I love Jesus Christ with all my heart, and am so thankful that on this day 2000-something years ago died to save my life. I blog at, And, I'm the second oldest to any-day-now 7 children. :D


Today is Good Friday (or depending on when this is posted, it could be yesterday), so I thought I might write about Jesus dying on the cross, while focusing on one verse in particular that caught my eye, and just learned about recently.

I think it's safe to say that most or even everyone has heard about Jesus dying on the cross. He was denied by Peter, beaten by Pilate, and nailed to a cross. But what did he say on the cross? This really stood out to me, because I have never in my entire life even heard of it before last month.

John 19:28 (ESV) - After this, Jesus, knowing that all was now finished, said (to fulfill the Scripture), "I thirst."

Now, on this day, you have to remember that he hasn't had anything to drink during his beatings. He never even asked for a drink, so naturally, like any human being, it's safe to say that by the end of the day, he's thirsty. But, if you really think about it deeply, he didn't have his time with God that morning, either.

In Psalm 42:2, it says. . .

My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When shall I come and appear before God?

Or even Psalm 143:6. . .

I stretch out my hands to you; my soul thirsts for you like a parched land.

When Jesus said "I thirst." he surely meant it physically, but I think even-more-so spiritually. He felt deprived, he felt weakened, for he did not spend time with his father that day.

We as followers of Christ need to spend time with him each day. I've found that when I don't, I'm weaker physically and emotionally that day. I thirst. He states so many times in this beautiful book that we are to spend time with him. He is living water (John 4:13-14), he is the bread (Deuteronomy 8:3) that we partake of, he is our God.

I hope everyone have a lovely Easter weekend, and that we don't forget His undying love for us!


*Thanks so much Grace for doing this post! I loved it!!! Go follow her blog!

I am Actually Posting!

I am so sorry y'all for not posting in a while, but it is actually good I have not spent much time on the computer! *silence* Okay so y'all get the bad end of the deal... anyway!

There has been some really bad weather around here, but it was gorgeous today! I planted my garden yesterday!!!! SO excited I am actually doing it! *silence again* I see y'all don't have my enthusiasum... anyway!

I will do a more real post soon (*Lord Willing!) So until then!


*Look at James 4

About Kara: a guest post by Kara

Hi Everyone, my name is Kara and I am a super hyper teenager!
I love writing, photography, blogging and I am crazy about M&M's and any thing chocolate! 
I started my blog Saved by Grace about three weeks ago and I am loving every minute of it! (You can check out my blog here )
The goal for my blog is to encourage other tween and teens like me in the Lord.  
I mostly post about photography, devos, and just little random things that are going on in my life. :) 
In Christ, 

*Thanks so much for the guest post Kara! Go check out her really cute blog!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chocolate Cake!: a guest post by Megann

Hi! My name is Megann, and I am 10 years old! I love to bake, but especially when it includes chocolate!
I blog over here: You may find me to be a bit funky. :-) (By the way I love to use ...s :-)
I was asked to write a recipe, so I thought I would do one That I have made by myself... And you can too!
So here it is!
Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake!!!
Now for the recipe:
1 Box of Devil's Food Cake
1 Box of 4 Serving Jello Instant Chocolate Pudding
2 Eggs
1 3/4 Cup of Milk
1- 12 oz. Bag of Chocolate Chips

Preheat oven to 350'. Grease and flour a bundt pan.

With an electric mixer, mix all ingredients except chocolate chips. Stir in chocolate chips. Pour into prepared pan and bake for 50-55 minutes. Do not over bake! 

Allow to cool completely. No frosting is necessary, but ice cream is always welcome. :-)

Thanks for letting me do this Emma!


For the Sponsors :)

Sponsors I could not get y'all on my sponsors page :( I tried and tried, so I am doing a post about y'all! Go check out these awesome, talented, people! There shops are SO cute!!!

Gods Girlz: a guest post by GodsGirlz1

Hi I’m Godsgirlz1,
I have a blog over at Gods Girlz
I’m a Pentecostal teen girl. I enjoy blogging, singing, playing piano, crafts, shopping, hanging out with friends, and doing anything girly. :)
I started a blog because I wanted to encourage Christian teen girls with the struggles that we face in the world. Since I am a Christian teen I know the temptations that many girls face.
Before I started this blog I wanted to start a Christian teen girl magazine, but I knew that it would be way to much money and work. So I decided to start a blog.
On my blog I post devotionals, book reviews, hairstyles, stories I have written, and music. ( *whisper* I’m even planning a contest shortly) :)

*thanks so much for doing this guest post GodGirlz1!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Post By Me

Sorry I have not posted latley :( I have been busy! Anyway Yes, I am still alive! But I don't have time to post :( I want to start doing a devotional every week, so maybe tomorrow I can do that! There has been some really bad weather around here!!! But I got the plants for my garden today!!! I am excited! Anyway, have a good day, I will blog soon!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Photography: a guest post by Emma

One of my favorite things to do lately has been taking pictures.  I would like to share with you some of my favorite pictures I have taken :)

 I hope you enjoyed my pictures!

*Thanks so much Emma for doing this guest post! Great pictures!!! <3*

Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Life: a guest post by Becca Jones

I live in China, yep you heard me right China.
I am 13 (I turned 13 a few days before Emma :) and have been here for
1 and 1/2 years!
I like China a lot and want to tell all you a little about it.
Life in China consists of, long (and crazy) bus rides, lots and lots
of walking (from this bus stop to the other :), dodging cars that are
going WAY to fast....ect.
It is crazy but fun!
I love a lot of things about China but one of those is the people,
they are so friendly and sweet, all the time!
I hope you all get a chance to visit China one day, and if anyone
lives in China I would love to email you about it!
Here are a few pictures of me and Chinese people :) haha yeah I am
pretty popular! (blond-ish hair lol)

I am Becca, 13 year old girl living in China.
If you liked what you read, please come check out my blog over at!

                                      *Thanks so much Becca for doing this guest post!!! <3 Love the pics!*