Sunday, April 22, 2012

How to Design a Blog: BASIC (giveaway winners read)

So a couple people (GodsGirlz1 and Ashely to be exact ;) have asked me to show them how to design a blog! So it is really easy! All you need is a little imagination and paint! (like the computer paint if you don't have that it is ok there are other options)

So go to paint and make your page the size of your header. Then go and put your blog name and all the curlie cues you want etc. Like this NOTE: If you do not have paint try

Now save to your computor under a name you will remember!

Now for blogger: So now go to your blogger and go to design. Then where it says your blog name (the top square) you click on EDIT then load your image then when it is loaded (picture will come up when it is loaded) you press save. That is how to make a header! If you want a back ground what you do is go to paint and make you solid back ground like this

I wanted mine white :) So save that and go to design. then under the word design you will see thees pages :Page Elements, Edit HTML, Template Designer. Go to Template Designer and press back ground. Then go to add an image and upload your image. If the measurements are not excactly right and half the header is over here go to udjust withs and change it around (slowly though! You don't want to mess something up!)  And there you have it!!!

Now for Word Press: You want to make your back ground and header the same but I don't know how to put it on a Word Press, so mess around a little to try to figure out!!!

There you go! If you mess up really bad ask me and I will try to help you out! But you can do this!!!

GIVEAWAY WINNERS!!! I am so sorry I did not put how to contact me! Email me at


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  1. Thanks, Emma! This really helped. I'll figure out the wordpress uploading thing, but thanks for explaining how to make the rest. :D

  2. cool! i love your test header. :)


  3. Thank you, Emma! Let's see if I can do

  4. I'll give it a try! I LOVE ALL of your blogs IMMENSLY!

  5. That helped a lot! I always thought you needed to use real complicated HTML...well, you do on some blog designs...never mind.

    Best Wishes,


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