Wednesday, April 25, 2012


So Mama had to bring him (Morgan is a dog my dad found in the woods check the last post to understand) home, and he is the most sweet, bitten up, puppy you have ever met!!! He had maggots all over his stomach, and his stomach is raw :(, but he is so sweet! And is such a trooper! We had to turn him this way and that had to clean the maggots off, take all the ticks out of his ears, clean out his nose so he could breath ETC. LOVE HIM!!!

But please keep praying! We have not taken him to the vet yet, and I don't know what he will say :(


PS He is also horse (as in can't talk with out a scrachy voice :(

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  1. Praying! So awesome of you to take him in.:)

  2. Poor puppy. I'm praying.

    We once found kittens with maggot eggs all in their fur. There was so much, it looked like the kittens were growing little rice. Pretty nasty. Mama cleaned them up while I stayed inside, for gear of vomiting and making over all matters worse.

  3. Aww, he seems so cute! Ugh, I hate maggots! I'm glad your dad found him!

    Best Wishes for Morgan,

  4. AWWWWWW!! I think I shall cry!!!

    I am praying allot!!!

    love on
    Him for me!!

  5. Awww :( That's so sad! I'll keep praying!


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