Monday, April 16, 2012

For Those of You That Don't Know...

I am a nut. So for those that believe me and those that are not convised let me show you,

Sometimes my dad and I wonder what normal fathers and daughters do...
I think Flin Rider is the coolest and don't tell anyone but I have a crush ;)...
I need a frying pan to defend myself...
I quote movies more than you know!!!...
When you watch a war movie with Indians in it, I tend to wonder why men Indians shave under there arms...
I am almost out of school and I don't know what I will do without school for the summer... (I will live!)...
Alot of people don't know I am a nut because I act so nice ;)...
and just for Nichole a quick hair tutorial for the hair design I did in the I am so blessed photo challang

Thanks for asking about it Nichole!!! *Love your name!!!*

Back to the list!

I sing the song from Tangled that they sang to make Lady Gothel young...
Flower Gleam and glow... let your power shine... save what has been lost... bring back what once was mine... what once was mine... (TANGLED FAN!!!)...
I for some reason name all the plants in my garden...
My friends think I am wiered because I ONLY listen to Christian music...

The list could go on and on!!! 

LOL (LoveOurLord!!),

13 note(s):

  1. Always wondered about the male Indian thing, too! XD Glad I'm not alone.

    I listen to some non-Christian music (mostly around the holidays, though), but the kind I do listen to weirds people out. :)

    Let me know when you find out what normal fathers and daughters do, because I haven't got a clue.

  2. I'm obsessed with hair too, Emma! Your not alone. ;P At times I will spend hours on end looking at hairstyles on the internet, when I have like 10 hairstyles I haven't even tried. LOL

    ~Blessings in Jesus,

  3. Hehe, that's actually normal for me ;) The tutorial is really cute, and I loved the "I have a dream!" song from Tangled :) Ehh, don't worry about it, I only listen to Christian music {except for the few times I want to check out a new Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood song on Youtube :)}
    lol that thing about Indians shaving their arm pits... that made me laugh :D

  4. I'm a total nut, too! :P
    I quote from movies a lot
    You're not weird for listening only to Christian music at all! I think that's the best to listen to. :)
    I'm a lot like you with some of your "nuttinesses", too!

    ♥ Kristie

  5. Thanks so much, Emma! The pictures are great. I sort of tried it earlier, but I was in a hurry and decided just to clip it back - but I'll def try it again soon for real! :)

    And thanks for sharing your wonderful nuttiness with us! I agree, Tangled is amazing, as is listening only to Christian music (hello, that's what Christian radio stations are for!).

    Yup, we nuts need to stick with each other, and together we will make the most delicious nutbar the world has ever tasted. Agreed?

    Love and blessings!
    Nicole <3 John 5:24

    1. Agreed! Maybe we should not ad nuts to out nut bar ;)

  6. I love that hair style. And I love your blog. Please check out mine and follow them! They're and Please follow them! Thanks so much! :)

  7. Thanks for that tutorial!

    Romans 3:23

  8. My brother can do a perfect imatition of Flynn Ryder. Like the smoulder and everything. Pretty hilarious.

    Thanks for your comments, Miss Emma! :)

  9. Your not alone, Emma. Me and my best friends are all nuts. ;)

  10. Cool! I'm a nerd. Close enough to a nut, right?

  11. Your not the only one who listens to only Christian music! Some of my friends think I'm pretty crazy too! :) Love the hair thing!



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