Sunday, April 15, 2012

Thanks so Much Y'all! (challenge day 2)

Y'all have been so supportive of my last post! I was so happy to see a lot of you girls signing your name with a verse and stuff! Y'all are so awesome :) So I am going to be busy tomorrow so I thought I would go on and give you tomorrows challenge (since today's was easy ;) So day 2!

2. Don't take God's name in Vain
For some of y'all this will be hard or maybe easy.
What exactly is this you ask? It is not using God's name in respect. How often have you said,"Oh my God!" or "Oh my Gosh!" or just put OMG in a blog post? This is using God's (remember HE is our Creator, God, Great physician, support, EVERYTHING) name for an expression. That don't sound right! HIS name deserves respect! Who is with me? So it may be kinda hard to change your habit, but this is kinda serious, (it is even one of the 10 commandment).

So maybe try to do this. I know in our house taking God's name in vain is an "ugly word!". So lets be respectful to God! Tell me what you think! Will you try this?


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  1. Wonderful post Emma. How very true that we shouldn't use God's name in vain! Great words!

  2. I've never had trouble not saying the OMG word, but sometimes, little adjectives such as Damn, dammit, dang, and crap slip out. What I've found out works better, is making something up instead of saying those.
    "Oh fried popsicles!!"
    And occasionally, the British word Bloody. Not only does the outburst help release pent up emotion, but when I make stuff up on the spot, it tends to make my laugh at the oddness of the word or phrase, and therefore lighten my mood.

    Because HE lives,

  3. Yeah, taking the Lord's name in vain directly is a big no-no in our house. However, I did get into the habit of saying, "Oh my gosh," but it sounds so similar to the alternative that I now try to say, you know, "Oh my goodness," or something like that.

    And...oh my goodness (<<hehe), I really, really like your hairstyle in the pic of you and Josie in your post, 'Photo Challenge: I am So Blessed : Week 1'. Seriously, I want that, like, yesterday! ;) I've been sorta looking for easy hairstyles to do, something different but that won't take me a half an hour :P, so...if you don't mind me asking, do you use a clip or anything in the back? Cuz I tried it already, but it didn't stay.

    Thanks so much!

    Love and blessings,
    Nicole <3 John 5:24

  4. I'm with you, This will be challanging I admit, but I am going to totally do it!

    Are these challanges one for each day or is it like every day for this challange sign your name with a verse or something like that?


    1. What you are supposed to do is keep doing everthing, like keep signing your name, then try to not use the Lords name in vain, and so on...

      Thanks so much!!!

      LOL (LoveOurLord!!!),

    2. Ok, sounds good. :)

      God's love with you,

  5. Hi Emma! Remember how you asked me to teach you how to make a mapped header? Well, I originally wrote a tutorial for the Minima template, but I realized you don't use that one. So just for you, I adapted the tutorial to the Simple template as well! Check it out:

  6. Yes, sometimes I do have trouble not saying "gosh" but whenever I do, my mom quietly rebukes me. Lately I've been saying "Oh goodness" or "Ohbglermefghjwshf"
    These posts are pretty awesome...they've helped me! :)
    1 John 3:16-20

  7. I need to work on this. I don't write it, but I say it a lot. You know, like "Oh, my Gosh!"? :( Thanks for the reminder! :)

    ♥ Kristie

  8. I struggle with my tongue. But, I guess you know that maybe more than anybody. :P

  9. Ack! I seriously never thought that 'oh my god' would be like that! I use it a lot! Argh! I will try my best at not saying things like that!


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