Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lets Have an Easter Giveaway!

I think it is about time! Don't y'all?

But before we start Anna Katherine wins the prize from THIS giveaway! Email me soon! (she already has my email address ;)

Now on to the giveaway!!!

The fist prize is a free blog design by me!
comes with 
 a header
about on side bar
solid or pattern back ground

(blogger only :( No word Press, sorry :(
The Second prize is this blog design on your blog!
   comes in your colors and with or without balloon (or it might can be changed to a different shape)

 The 3rd prize is a 50% off coupon and free shipping to 1-3 items in my shop! (blogger only :(

Ready to enter? Here's how!

First I need to say leave each entry in one comment, like if you put my button on your blog and is said (2) you would leave 2 comments saying you did that. If you only leave one or leave all your entries in one comment it will not be counted! If you buy something from my shop just leave one comment.

The Must dos 
Follow my blog!(2)

The Little Extra things ;)
Follow me blog lovin'(1)
put my button on your side bar(2)
tell me what you do on Easter(1)
blog about the giveaway (3)
buy something from my shop (15)
Scream into a pillow (2) *all alternative are 1 point less ;)

Now go have fun!!!

46 note(s):

  1. Your button is on my sidebar here:

  2. Your button is at my blog!

  3. On Easter I go to church and usually my family gives me and my sibs an Easter basket. :)

  4. I follow you on Blog Lovin' :)

  5. This Easter I went to church with my family, and celebrated my mom's birthday which happened to fall on Easter again this year :)

  6. I screamed into a pillow (and earned a why-are-you-so-strange look from my sister ;) #1

  7. your button is on my sidebar! (1)

  8. Here is what I did for Easter!
    Well as all of you I gout up... then I went to church for the morning services. After that I came home, and my cousin and her friends came over for Ham, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Homemade Rolls, and Carrots. For desert we had cupcakes that are Chocolate with Cream Cheese/Chocolate Chip filling! (I made those last night :-) And then I hung out with my cousin and her friend for a little bit. Now, I am posting this....

    Thanks For the Chance to Win!

  9. I screamed into a pillow!(2) lol i really did :-)

  10. Happy Easter! (sorry but I don't really need a blog design right now...otherwise I would enter :) Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥(Because You Are!)

  11. I put your button on my sidebar here:

  12. For Easter, we went to church with our aunt, uncle, and 2 little cousins. Then, we all came back to our house and had lunch and an Easter Egg hunt!!

  13. I screamed into a pillow! (good thing no one heard me :P)

  14. I blogged about it!

  15. I blogged about it!

  16. I blogged about it!

  17. Screamed into a pillow :) (2)

  18. Have your button on my side bar!

  19. On Easter, we typically read Mark. This year we watched Passion of the Christ instead. :)

  20. I like, I screamed into a pillow, and I followed you on blogloving

  21. On easter I usually eat lots of candy! LOL

  22. I posted about it yesterday!

  23. ON easter we go to a farm where some good friends live. And I screamed into a pillo

  24. Well..Easter..My family doesn't celebrate that holiday, but we went bike riding.

    1. We don't celebrate "Easter" so much but Jesus rising from the dead...


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