Friday, October 17, 2014

Strange Things About Me

1. I can't spell WalMart right! WHY ONLY ONE L?!

2. I am obsessed with YouTube.. it's not healthy

3. I have been into all natural stuff lately! Loving rosemary oil for acne!!!

4. I want my hair reaaaalllllyyyy long. Like to my belly button. but not to my butt... That's too long for me... IDK!

5. I am obsessed with doing peoples make up but don't want to do my own...

6. I have been taking piano for 7 years and dislike it very much. I LIKE WHEN OTHER PEOPLE PLAY BUT I DON'T LIKE PLAYING.

7. I am always tired.

8. I ALMOST ONLY DRINK WATER! It was one of my new years goals and I think I have succeeded! I now only drink other stuff on special occasions and I let myself have like 8oz on Sundays.

9. I normally sleep on my futon instead of my bed...

10. My hair looks like it's been straightened but it's just naturally straight as a pin... a very straight pin...

11. I get bad songs stuck in my head... a lot.... *starts humming inappropriate song than realizes and shuts up...*

12. I love Weird Al's song Word Crimes... Just watch it. Trust me.

13. I don't know what else to write so I am going to stop on number 13 which will drive my OCD crazy. But I'm too lazy to care.

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Fall is my favorite season! The clear blue skies, the crisp air, fall leaves, hot tea, soup, outdoor reading, blankets, sweaters, practicing Christmas music, pumpkin picking, the fair, Thanksgiving, spicy candles, hunting, Pinterest (actually that's year round..all day ery day!), new fashions, darker makeup, down hair (I don't leave it down a ton because I don't want to have a heat stroke here in Mississippi), new Doctor Who episodes (I'M LOVING THE NEW SEASON!), dressing up for Trunk or Treat (I'm going as an 80's crazy person! Costume suggestions welcome!), sweet potato pie, fall break, cat memes... wait no that's a everyday thing too... but cats just seem... fallish..., good grades (JKJK I just put that in there cause I GOT A 90 ON MAH SPANISH TEST UHHU!!!! okay bragging over!) and best of all the cotton I just love autumn!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Transformation Tuesday!

A month from now I will have had my blog for 3 years! So I have been looking at old posts! It's so fun to see my old likes and dislikes! There are things I had totally forgotten about! 

I actually started this blog for photography, but like a lot of things I out grew that (I now just try to take a decent selfie)

 I found a post about how Mama and I were out shopping and a little boy called me princess. Not sure why I put that in a blog post....

Y'all have seen my teeth transformation. I am so so sorry....(I also think I forgot how to smile in this picture but I also had had my braces on for about 30 minutes when this was taken!)

 All my likes and dislikes have changed! DRASTICALLY! I used to not like action movies and now it's like I don't like peaceful sweet movies! I haven't read a mystery in years and NEVER thought I would read and enjoy the Hunger Games!

Strange fact sometimes when I smile a random eye brow goes up... I have no idea why...

                                                       ANNNNDDDD BRACELESS!

I got to meet Joel from For King and Country last week. *sigh* it was so awesome!!!!

My life has changed a lot in the past 3 years. Some for the good some for the bad. But God has taught me so much through this crazy life I live! I wouldn't give it up for anything...