Friday, October 10, 2014

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Fall is my favorite season! The clear blue skies, the crisp air, fall leaves, hot tea, soup, outdoor reading, blankets, sweaters, practicing Christmas music, pumpkin picking, the fair, Thanksgiving, spicy candles, hunting, Pinterest (actually that's year round..all day ery day!), new fashions, darker makeup, down hair (I don't leave it down a ton because I don't want to have a heat stroke here in Mississippi), new Doctor Who episodes (I'M LOVING THE NEW SEASON!), dressing up for Trunk or Treat (I'm going as an 80's crazy person! Costume suggestions welcome!), sweet potato pie, fall break, cat memes... wait no that's a everyday thing too... but cats just seem... fallish..., good grades (JKJK I just put that in there cause I GOT A 90 ON MAH SPANISH TEST UHHU!!!! okay bragging over!) and best of all the cotton I just love autumn!!!

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