Friday, January 25, 2013

Giveaway Winners!

All winners email me at
within 48 hours!

Have a great day!!! :D

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Where in the World has Emma been? WELL I'M HERE TO TELL YOU!

Hello all! I HAVE.BEEN.SICK. *Dramatic music* It was terrible! But DON"T WORRY! I am all better... and am back to school....*cues boos* yes I know school = blah and misery but it is okay! I just have 4 years left.... okay never mind that! But one good thing is that I am reading the Hiding Place and if you have not read it you should! I am half way through (started yesterday) and am loving it!

Also I am reallllyyyyy excited after I finish reading the Hiding Place I am going to read the Hobbit then the Lord of the Rings books! THEN I AM GOING TO WATCH ALL THE MOVIES! YES! lol Any LOFT fans out there? *fangirls screams* I thought there would be! I went to see the Hobbit and urm LOVED.IT. PERIOD.! So I am excited to start on the books! and Mama is happy I am going to read the books too.......

Oh about the giveaway! I will announce the winners in a few days! Don't worry!

Has anyone seen the movie Master of Disguise? If so and you love it you are my new bff. I LOVE THAT MOVIE! lololololol it is soooo funny! (minus the crude parts......)

"What if harm found it's way to you? Terrible TERRIBLE TURTLE harm??!"

Okay I will stop there.... try to stop.... there.... anyway!

So I have a question! What do y'all think about 1 Direction? Because I have literally only heard one song which I kinda loved because it was on Just Dance 4 and the dance was like SO.FUN.! It was the Baby you light up my world one.... yeah I know like nothing about these dudes.... only a few weeks ago I learned they were English/Scottish! I was like :O I know mostly about them from Pinterest....I follow a few.... shall we say crazy major fan girls?! Like these girls love 1D as much as I love Doctor Who and that is like A LOT! Yes I am a crazy Major over excited fan girl with Doctor Who <3 <3..... I got a little off track..... so For or Against 1D?

I know y'all are all thinking "Whoah. Emma is like totally talkative tonight! :O" yes I guess she is....but she is a little bit *cough*a lot*cough* of a nut so it is acceptable.... at least I hope so....

So I will try to be quiet and let y'all go do other things.... other than reading my blog....

Goodnight. XOXO

*Sorry for all the rambles. I did not realise how much I needed this!*

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Product Review: Bust My Button!

Katy from Bust My Button was very generous in letting me do a product review with these two buttons!

Are the not adorable?!?! I love them!!! 

They are each 2.25in buttons, they look great and are even cuter than the pictures! They are a very reasonable price too! $2.75 per button! Great for a gift to a friend or to yourself ;)

I use mine to dress up my purse! I have a plum canvas Kavu and it looks great on there! I can tell the world I am a whovian or tell them the good side of me!

The only bad thing is for me it kept coming off my purse but one possible reason for that is I am not all that easy on my purse, it goes where I go it does what I do, ya know? 

They I are sooo cute! I definitely recommend them and know that anyone would be happy with one of these!

Here are some other buttons from her shop!!!

I like reallllyyy need to give this to a friend I have that says this all the time!

*Thanks so much Katy for letting me do a review!*

Monday, January 7, 2013


So in the Christmas giveaway several of the winners did not email me! So everyone has a chance to win these, even if you entered and won in the last one. This will last 2 days!

these from Loves2DoCrafts

This bracelet from Sarax Elizabeth 

this charm from Minty Rainbow 

any wire ring from Nautical Nonsense 

Now here is how to win!

Follow Me!

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Heart the shops (1 per shop)
buy something from any of the shop (20)

Ready? Set! Enter!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

sorry for my absence loves

Ya so I haven't dropped off the face of the earth just gone to South Carolina then to Atlanta! No worries! So I will tel you about our trip! Okay?

So first we loaded up at 5:45 AM in the morning went and picked up Rob (a friend of ours) and headed for a 12 hour drive to South Carolina! We got there and spent about 4 or 5 days there with my Aunt Uncle and cousin having a bunch of fun! Like eating frozen yogurt, ice skating, taking crazy pictures, playing Just Dance 4, then picking up Mikayla  and taking Grace, Rob and Mikayla to the Passion Conference in Atlanta (<you can watch it live in the link! It is simply amazing!!!)

So they are there and I am in the hotel being jealous and counting down the days until I am a senior and can go! :D

I am really happy for my sister and her friends! And can't wait till they get back and tell me all about it! (and I will be there going "Wow!" and inside being "I AM SO JEALOUS!" ;)