Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Where in the World has Emma been? WELL I'M HERE TO TELL YOU!

Hello all! I HAVE.BEEN.SICK. *Dramatic music* It was terrible! But DON"T WORRY! I am all better... and am back to school....*cues boos* yes I know school = blah and misery but it is okay! I just have 4 years left.... okay never mind that! But one good thing is that I am reading the Hiding Place and if you have not read it you should! I am half way through (started yesterday) and am loving it!

Also I am reallllyyyyy excited after I finish reading the Hiding Place I am going to read the Hobbit then the Lord of the Rings books! THEN I AM GOING TO WATCH ALL THE MOVIES! YES! lol Any LOFT fans out there? *fangirls screams* I thought there would be! I went to see the Hobbit and urm LOVED.IT. PERIOD.! So I am excited to start on the books! and Mama is happy I am going to read the books too.......

Oh about the giveaway! I will announce the winners in a few days! Don't worry!

Has anyone seen the movie Master of Disguise? If so and you love it you are my new bff. I LOVE THAT MOVIE! lololololol it is soooo funny! (minus the crude parts......)

"What if harm found it's way to you? Terrible TERRIBLE TURTLE harm??!"

Okay I will stop there.... try to stop.... there.... anyway!

So I have a question! What do y'all think about 1 Direction? Because I have literally only heard one song which I kinda loved because it was on Just Dance 4 and the dance was like SO.FUN.! It was the Baby you light up my world one.... yeah I know like nothing about these dudes.... only a few weeks ago I learned they were English/Scottish! I was like :O I know mostly about them from Pinterest....I follow a few.... shall we say crazy major fan girls?! Like these girls love 1D as much as I love Doctor Who and that is like A LOT! Yes I am a crazy Major over excited fan girl with Doctor Who <3 <3..... I got a little off track..... so For or Against 1D?

I know y'all are all thinking "Whoah. Emma is like totally talkative tonight! :O" yes I guess she is....but she is a little bit *cough*a lot*cough* of a nut so it is acceptable.... at least I hope so....

So I will try to be quiet and let y'all go do other things.... other than reading my blog....

Goodnight. XOXO

*Sorry for all the rambles. I did not realise how much I needed this!*

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  1. I'm just like you on the one direction thing! And yes, you fill up my pinterest with doctor who stuff! haha

  2. I've read The Hiding Place! It's a really great book! And yes, read The Hobbit! I reread it before the movie and I also recieved Jim Ware's Finding God in The Hobbit, which if you can you should totally read together! I thought this time around it was even better than the first time!
    Though The Lord of the Rings is sort of like The Hobbit it's more heavy of reading than The Hobbit. The Hobbit is more "happy" if you will, though Tolkien did write it with children in mind. I love love love The Hobbit! It is one of my absolute favorite books and honestly, the movie didn't do it justice! There is so much more that they left out! But I'll admit they did a pretty great job on the movie.

    About 1D... If it's popular I for some reason or another will stay away from it. So I have no idea! :-P

  3. What to start with????

    First off you will LOVE LOTR! I'm still working on The Hobbit, but it's pretty good :)

    Dr. Who is pure awesome sauce, and 1D is pretty Uh-MAY-ZING too!

    seriously if you have any questions about 1D ask me! I literally know everything about them!


    Sorry, but when you wrote this post, you should've know that people would fangirl over it. haha

    Great post, Emma, you're a girl after my own heart :)

  4. Okay well you probably already know where I stand. LOL :) But I'm totally in love the them! :) I'm going to stop there cuz I could go on and on about them all day....

  5. I loved this post!! Probably because you talked about everything I love. ;) First of all, The Hobbit and LOTR... are beyond epic!! Both the books and the movies! I'm crazy about them! And *cough* One Direction is amazayn *cough* But you probably already knew that... ;)

    I'll message you soon!


  6. Hello, glad to have you back! :) I'm sorry you've been sick, being sick sucks.

    I like One Direction :) It is fun. I like quite a few songs actually.

    Oh you'll love the books. I am a *total* Ringer, so tell me how you like them! They are so good! The movies are AMAZING! I actually love the Books and Movies equally, which is weird (I hear) for Ringers. When you watch the movies WATCH THE EXTENDED! Otherwise you haven't really seen them. *Grin*

    I know! I don't know what it is about that show that makes me so *Fangirly!* I sit there with this *Ridiculous* grin on my face throughout the whole episode - never mind the Doctor or the season, I just grin. I LOVE DOCTOR WHO!!! Eleven is especially good. So are the Ponds. My Impossible Ponds :"(

    Okay, I forgive you for not watching S1. After the first two Ep's it gets better (to be honest I don't even remember anything bad in S1. Maybe I'm too British.) Eccleston was My Doctor from the moment he said "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!" I <3 him. You could watch "The Empty Child." That had NOTHING In it. (At least.... I can not think of anything.)

    The Ponds leave on Ep 6 of S7 don't they? NOOOO :''( *sob* Now I have to get used to Clara whom I am sure is good, but just NOT THE PONDS! and then I'll start liking her and she will get hurt, or killed or taken, and then I'll have to suffer again! (Don't say spoilers, but I found a pic of Clara on Pinterest... is she Dalek?! NO!)

    God Bless

  7. Miriah LOVES her One Direction! I have a couple of their songs on my iPod ("What Makes You Beautiful" [the one you mentioned on Just Dance 4] and "Live While We're Young"), and I enjoy them. I tend to steer clear of bands that get TOO famous, so I don't listen to them all the time. But they're really good (and it's five cute guys singing, so it's hard to go wrong)!

  8. Hey there! Its me again. I have a blog now!


    Check it out :) and maybe... follow? *Grin*

    God Bless

  9. You are funny Emma! I love your post when you ramble! :) AND we need to Skype, like really soon! :)


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