Friday, October 17, 2014

Strange Things About Me

1. I can't spell WalMart right! WHY ONLY ONE L?!

2. I am obsessed with YouTube.. it's not healthy

3. I have been into all natural stuff lately! Loving rosemary oil for acne!!!

4. I want my hair reaaaalllllyyyy long. Like to my belly button. but not to my butt... That's too long for me... IDK!

5. I am obsessed with doing peoples make up but don't want to do my own...

6. I have been taking piano for 7 years and dislike it very much. I LIKE WHEN OTHER PEOPLE PLAY BUT I DON'T LIKE PLAYING.

7. I am always tired.

8. I ALMOST ONLY DRINK WATER! It was one of my new years goals and I think I have succeeded! I now only drink other stuff on special occasions and I let myself have like 8oz on Sundays.

9. I normally sleep on my futon instead of my bed...

10. My hair looks like it's been straightened but it's just naturally straight as a pin... a very straight pin...

11. I get bad songs stuck in my head... a lot.... *starts humming inappropriate song than realizes and shuts up...*

12. I love Weird Al's song Word Crimes... Just watch it. Trust me.

13. I don't know what else to write so I am going to stop on number 13 which will drive my OCD crazy. But I'm too lazy to care.

1 note(s):

  1. Awesome that you only drink mostly water! And your hair is so pretty!


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