Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Transformation Tuesday!

A month from now I will have had my blog for 3 years! So I have been looking at old posts! It's so fun to see my old likes and dislikes! There are things I had totally forgotten about! 

I actually started this blog for photography, but like a lot of things I out grew that (I now just try to take a decent selfie)

 I found a post about how Mama and I were out shopping and a little boy called me princess. Not sure why I put that in a blog post....

Y'all have seen my teeth transformation. I am so so sorry....(I also think I forgot how to smile in this picture but I also had had my braces on for about 30 minutes when this was taken!)

 All my likes and dislikes have changed! DRASTICALLY! I used to not like action movies and now it's like I don't like peaceful sweet movies! I haven't read a mystery in years and NEVER thought I would read and enjoy the Hunger Games!

Strange fact sometimes when I smile a random eye brow goes up... I have no idea why...

                                                       ANNNNDDDD BRACELESS!

I got to meet Joel from For King and Country last week. *sigh* it was so awesome!!!!

My life has changed a lot in the past 3 years. Some for the good some for the bad. But God has taught me so much through this crazy life I live! I wouldn't give it up for anything...

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  1. Wow!! Congrats on getting your braces off Emma!! You look so beautiful! :)

  2. You look beautiful Emma! I just follow your blog (I think) a month ago and I love it!
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  3. You're so beautiful! <3 Love you tons! xoxox

  4. Wow, you look so different without your braces!

  5. Hi Emma! I just found your blog, and I love it! Followed. :) You are so beautiful. I love King and Country. It's so cool that you got to meet Joel! Btw my eyebrow sometimes does the same thing when I smile!
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