Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Photo Challenge...

Here is my entry for the photo challenge over here!

not the best but it works!!!!!...... right? :)

Go check it out here!!!


4 note(s):

  1. thanks for entering, I like your pic you took!

  2. Thanks for letting me know about the fonts.. I have been looking for the Bold one for a while, and couldn't find it, and learning curve pro is one of my absolute FAVORITE fonts..especially the dashed one;)

  3. I like it! :D

    By the way, I had an idea and wanted your take on it. Would you happen to do product reviews with your jewelry? I thought it would be a great idea for advertising for both your etsy and your blog :) A product review means that you would send a blogger a piece of your jewelry for free, and they would create an entire post with their review on it. I thought about doing one, and your beautiful jewelry came to mind immediately :))

  4. Oh, that picture looks so cool! Yummy...fun dip...


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