Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's Just Life

Oh my followers! I need to talk to y'all! My Grandmother get pneumonia pretty easily and she is getting sick! My Grandfather is the Swing Bed Unite and is doing better but it is just kinda hard to deal with him sometimes. Mama got to spend the night at our house last night after.... a long time! We also Home~School.

What we have been doing with school is Mama leaves every night to sit with Sam Sam (my Grandfather) after she tucks us in bed. Then we wake up at 6:00 and get ready for school, get dressed, make breakfast and stuff like that. The when Mama gets home at 8:00 we do school. It's not a bad plan!

Oh and I will be doing my Saturday post hopefully soon =)

Any way it is nice to have a blog so I can talk to all 45 followers of mine =D

5 note(s):

  1. Aww I'll pray for your Grandmother and grandfather! Wow, I must be lazy, because I don't get up until 8:00 and I don't start school till 9... :)

  2. I'll definitely keep your grandmother in my prayers!

  3. Ha ha! We don't like waking up at 6 Mama makes us ;) Thank y'all for y'alls prayers!!

  4. I will pray for your grandparents and for your mom, (since she is not getting very much sleep) and for you since your grandparents are sick!

  5. Thanks so much Megann!


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