Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Okay I know I am a little obsessed with turning 13 but I thought I would do a post about my 13th birthday!

For my birthday present I would like a party with all my friend =) It would be like this...

I want to have a movie party but did not know what to do about younger siblings since a lot of the time us big girls want some time just with our friends (I know I am pretty selfish but I cam up with an idea). So I would buy a brand new movie to watch for us big girls while all the younger siblings got to have there own movie party with my little sister! That way us big girls will have fun and the little kids will have fun! I think I would like an Angry Birds cake =D

So that is what I am thinking about doing for my party =)

When I turn 13 I get to were make up!!! SOOO excited!

So what did y'all do for your 13th birthday or what will you do?

Have a good day!


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  1. I had some friends over for my birthday, and i got a hopechest

  2. That is awesome! I would really like a hope chest =)

  3. My friends threw my a suprise party themed as an ice cream parlour...it was pretty neat.

    God Bless You now, and in this coming year. May you draw closer to Him.

  4. I had pretty much a regular birthday for my 13th birthday. I was really excited to be an official teenager though.

    One thing. I tried to go on your other pages but it your blog just continued showing your home page. I would really like to see your other pages.

  5. Oh well I was obsessed about turning 13 to! For mine I had my friend Hannah over and all my family. On my 12th we kinda did an early 13th party and I had me best friends over and we watched a movie too! We also went on walks and just hung out.


  6. That sounds fun Anna and Ireland! I can't wait to be an official teenager eather GodsGirlz1! And my pages are not quite set up. It was not working so... Maybe they will be fixed soon =)


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