Sunday, January 15, 2012

There is No Reason I am Doing This Post... I Just Want to Blog!

I just have these moments! Do y'all??? So what should I blog about?..... (thinking).......(thinking a little more)......(needing a little more thought).....(deciding).....(getting excited).....I got it!

Favorite Movie Quotes!!!

"I love smiling. Smilings my favorite!"

"You suck your thumb?!"

"What's wrong?" "I wanted to be a camel in the play but I'm only a sheep".... "Who told you sheep weren't special?" "Madison" "Who's Madison" "The Camel!!!!"
~Vegie Tales (It's a Meaningful Life)

Those are just a few =) But I have to go to bed at Nine so I have to say Good Night =( *sniff sniff* So...

Buenas noches
Bonne nuit et fais des beaux rêves! 
Сладких снов!
Good Night!

(PS I think these are all correct translations but I am not for sure. I found the answer on the Yahoo Answer sites)

3 note(s):

  1. "Who's Madison?"
    "THE CAMEL."

    haha. ;)

    "I like to smile. SMILING IS MY FAVORITE!"

    me loves. ;)

  2. Cute! You can never get too old for VeggieTales :))

  3. I LOVE QUOTES! The Camel!!!!


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