Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gram's House

So I am at my Grandmother's house (Gram) and thought I would blog about it =)

Last night I went with Mama to go spend the night with Gram. It was a nice ride and we always love having some alone time with Mama and a fun talk! We went into Dollar General then Mama got something to eat at Bumpers and we went to the hospital. It was nice to see my Grandfather (Sam Sam) and visit with Mama, Gram and Sam Sam. Then after about an hour we went to Gram's house. We stayed up till about 1:00 but I didn't get to sleep until about 2:00 (I know it's a bad habit =P). Then today we got up about 8:30 had breakfast then Gram had to work. While Gram worked I watched TV and just Relaxed =) (It was nice having a little break from everyday life) Now we are going to leave in about 30 minutes to go to my house. Then she will go to the Swing Bed Unit (Funny story in Sunday School my little sister said to pray for Sam Sam because he was in a storage unit LOL =) and later tonight Mama will go over and stay with him during the night.

I have had a great time =)

BTW I just wanted to say thanks to my 40 followers! WOW! Do I really have 40 followers?! And I want to say thank you for comments =) They make my day brighter! I LOVE comments =)

Anyway have a good day!

Live Long and Prosper! (No I am not a trecky!)

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  1. Hey!!! I looveeeee your blog!! This post was fun reads!
    Follow me?
    Little Blue Eyes

  2. I always have fun when I go to my Grandma's house too. CONGRATS! on the 40 followers. I wish I had that many. I only have 16.

  3. Congrats on reaching 40 followers, Emma! :)) Looks like you had a blast with your grandparents!!

  4. I did have a fun time =) And thanks Erynn! I like your blog too! And thanks Jesus Chick for being my 40th follower!!!


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