Monday, January 9, 2012

Guest Post by Eden!

        “Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” ~ Dorothea Lange

Photography is one of the best things in life. It lets you go back and see what you have done in the past and remember those little things in life that you would have otherwise forgotten.
 Like a fishing trip you took with Grandpa or the time you walked to around and got Ice Cream with your bestie. 
Photography lets you enjoy those little things longer and appreciate them, when otherwise you would have forgotten all about it. 
Photography is something you can do to remember other people by.  People move and get older and without pictures it is hard to remember what people looked like before.
Photography can be used to hold those memories so when people grow up you can look back and laugh about what they used to look like!

Pictures do not have to be taken with the world greatest camera. I know lots of people that think they can't do any major picture taking because their camera isn't good. That is totally wrong! Pictures can be taken with a point and shoot, an old film camera, a Canon, a Nikon anything! It's the memories that matter not the kind of camera, (although nobody wants a blurry picture). But in reality, who cares what type of camera you have. They just want a picture that in 5 years they can look back at and think oh yeah I remember that fishing trip I took with Grandpa! 

Photography is an amazing thing! You may hate Photography or it may be something you love, but I think everybody should try it out!

Thanks so much Eden for doing this awesome post! Now do you want to meat the girl behind the camera? Of Course you do!!!

The Girl Behind The Camera

Hi, I'm Eden,

I'm a Southern girl who is 13 years old! I am currently shooting with a Canon T2i which I am in love with!
I'm also in love with my homeland, the South, and it is to me the best, most perfect place in the world.
Camera on my neck, Sunglasses on my head, Weather is always warm and Smiles are required.
Welcome to my world.

Now do you want to see her blog? Of course you do!!! She and her best Friend Payton made a blog for all there beautiful pictures! Through our Camera Lens Photography She also owns an etsy. And who does not love a good etsy??? Shop Lemons and Limes Jewelry I am 100% sure she would not be mad if you follow her blog and check out her shop. So go ahead!!!

Thanks again Eden!!!

PS I am working on something and need some questions like QandAs so PLEASE ask away!

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