Sunday, January 29, 2012

Please Pray!

So my Grandfather was in the hospital a week and a half (Mama was helping Gram (our Grandmother) and Sam Sam (our Grandfather) and we got to see her twice.

Then he went in to the swing bed unit for 3 and a half weeks (Mama got to come home but had to leave every night to stay with him).

Then he went home and Mama went over there to help them.

Today at Church Grace called Mama and they were in an Ambulance on there way to the hospital with Sam Sam. He fell and possably hurt his Leg or Hip.

Please keep us in your prayers! We thought things were going to settle down and Mama could come home and stay home. This may not be too bad or it could be pretty bad. I don't know.

Have a good Sunday!

10 note(s):

  1. Oh my goodness, dear! I'll definitely be praying!

  2. Ok, so it's not just me that thinks so! Thanks : )

    I'll keep your grandfather in my prayers as well.


  3. I nominated you for some awards.
    Hope you can do it.

  4. I will see what I can do Gods Girlz 1!


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