Monday, January 16, 2012

Millionaire me Monday!

(I will be doing stuff like this everyday this week =)

What would I do if I have one million dollars?

Well if I have one million dollars to do anything with I would buy windows for the house. Then I would pay for my braces. I would probably give a little money to my sisters. I may give some money to a charity or sponsor a child or something like that. I would probably go shopping! Buy myself a computer or ipad or something epic like that =) I could buy myself a car =D and then would probably buy some random things and maybe save a little ;) 

Well I think I am about out of money ;) In real life I own a total of about


Yep I am broke! Well have a good day!

~Emma <3

2 note(s):

  1. Haha I would probably do the same,except go on a vacation with my best friend and ride horses! :)
    Happy Monday,

  2. If i had a million dollars i would be an ipad, iphone, sponser a charity, and save.


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