Sunday, August 10, 2014

Beach Vacation

Sorry I haven't posted in a while! I just got back from vacation and thought I would tell y'all about it! It was amazing!

So when we got there Monday we only had time to go out on the beach for an hour or two and then went to bed! But 

Tuesday we got up and played on the beach, and then we went on this wild goose chase trying to find a video game store an hour from our hotel that ended Up being closed. So we went and ate steak. I was happy with that choice. 

Wednesday we played in the beach, went to Peg Leg Pete's for supper, went back and played on the beach, and then went and got tatted up! Just kidding! Not really!!! But I did get a henna! Well actually if was a Jagua temporary tattoo but same difference! It was so cool! They out the dye on and then you have to let it dry for TWO HOURS WITHOUT IT GETTING TOUCHED. That was hard. Then wash it off and it came out light green! But then you wait for like 8-10 hours and it is a dark blue color!
 This is what I got! My sister got a cross. 

But sadly we had to leave Thursday. *sigh* 

Even tho the trip wasn't perfect like getting stung by jelly fish, my sisters getting sick, and My little sister learning new words she didn't need to know.... It was still an awesome trip!! 

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