Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fashion Week! Wednesday {day at home} phone case review from AceTag.Com

Today's outfit is what I wear most days! I am wearing

a super comfy, mint, v neck, t shirt (Wal Mart)
Shorts (Wal Mart)
black flip flops (Wal Mart)

and the sponsor today is is AceTag.Com! They have amazing phone cases! Like this one that they gave me!!!!

They have tons of different designs AND it is hard for me to find a cute case for my not to popular phone! But this one is adorable! And since the case says Hakuna Matata and since it *breaks out in song* MEANS NO WORRIES FOR THE REST OF YOUR DAAAAYYYYSSSS!!!! I thought I would not wear make up and just not worry about it!

This case is very protective and fits the phone perfectly! They have iPhone Cases, Blackberry Cases, Extrovert Cases, Samsung Cases LOTS OF DIFFERENT TYPES!

and they are affordable! They range from $7-$15!

I had an old case and after about a week the design scratched off (I'm pretty rough with my phone!) and I have had this for a month and it still looks amazing!

Comment what you think about my outfit and check out ACETAG.Com and leave a link to your favorite case!

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  1. Your outfit looks really cute! (and totally comfy:)
    I really like this case:



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