Monday, August 18, 2014

Week of Fashion! Monday {fun day out} Eye Shadow Review from KMMS

I contacted the lovely Kim Snyder from Overall Beauty about reviewing her Pure Vegan Natural Mineral Eye Shadows and she sent me a tester set of 6 beautiful eye shadows!

Here is the look I created but I must say I have used these eye shadows soooo many times since I got them! 

Apply mascara and here is your finished look!

I love these eye shadows! They are beautiful colors and go on well! Even tho I got these for a review I have already used these several times and am LOVING them!!! They are also very affordable! I love shops that offer small quantities to test out the color, but even tho they are smaller you can get many uses out of them!!! You can test out 5 colors OF YOU CHOICE for $9.25! (<That includes shipping and tax!)

Today I wore 
cuffed blue jean shorts (upcycled)
with a 
Princess Vera Wang shirt in a minty color (hand-me-down)
and a white cami under it.

For my hair I just took the front part of my hair and pinned it up out of my face! 

Jewelry wise I wore a cross choker, my normal array of strange bracelets I never take off, and diamond stud earrings.

I was bear foot in the photo shoot but I paired these with some brown sandals! 

Tell me what you think of my outfit and be sure to go check out Kim's shop!!!

Have a wonderful day :)

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