Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fashion Week {Friday Night With Friends} Earring Review from Made by LinLin

Today's outfit is inspired by.. well super heros! and what I like to wear to the movies with my friends!

I'm wearing a

Thor T shirt (Target)
up-cycled blue jean shorts
and converse!


 these lovely cream/peach color flower earrings from Made By LinLin! Linda sent me a bag of goodies to review and I love all the earrings!

  these are super cute big peach flower earrings
 a fish hook dangle earring with a purple bead
and my personal favorite silver leaf dangles!

They are all super cute earrings! I love Made By LinLin for a ton of reasons!

2. They can be everyday wear or for fancy things
3. Everything is super affordable! liiikkkeeee

I could get this necklace
and these earrings

for $15! (aren't they adorable?)

all of her items are great quality and you get exactly whats shown in the picture! 

I love this outift! It's got geekiness AND cuteness to it! Just my style! 

Comment what you thing about my outfit and go get you some jewelry from Linda! You won't be sorry!!!

Have a beautiful day!!! 

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