Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tag! I was Awarded!

I was awarded... kind of a lot of awards... so I will do them all in this one post!

First, I was awarded by Ireland! Thanks SOOO much Ireland!

So here are the rules...
#1. Thank the Person who awarded you.Check!
#2. List 7 random things about yourself.
#3. Award 15 others this award.
7 Random things, this will be easy!
1. I LOVE candy
2. I am OBSESSED about hair
3. I have read ALMOST 4 books in less than 2 weeks (and still reading!!!)
4. I am currantly reading the Warriors books, SO GOOD!!!
 5. I hope to get a cell phone soon!
6. I like the old Daniel Boone shows
(I will award people at the end of the post!)
Next I was awarded by Natalie! Thanks Natalie!!!
Rules: Answer ten random questions about yourself, tell ten random things about myself, and award seven bloggers. Here goes:
What is Your Favorite Song  Your Great Name and Live Like that <3
What is Your Favorite Dessert: IDK!
What Makes You Mad: Abortion :( (should I do a post on how I am against it?)
When You Are Upset What Do You Do: I am not very nice to people...
What Is Your Favorite Pet: Black Lab
What Do You Prefer; Black Or White? To Wear: White...?
What Is Your Attitude: Ask my family!
What Is Perfection: Reading quietly with a blanket... In the perfect setting...
What Is Your Guilty Pleasure um.... staying up late reading. Don't tell!!!
 Ten random things about me...
 LOVE Dogs
My Sister Beth became a Christian recently
I am sitting next to Beth's cat hat
I am having to list a lot of random things about myself!
I love emails! *hint hint* lol ;)
I LOVE the song Live Like That. A. Lot.
Need to help my Dad (do something real quick)
I need a new blog design, I think My sister is going to help me :)
This is my 9th question, YAY!
 I Love LOL :)
 (I will award people at the bottom of the post!)
Next Jenny  awarded me! Thank you very much Jenny!
The Rules:
1) Put a link to who gave you the award.
2) Put the award on your post.
3) Choose 5 blogs to recieve the award.
4) Let them know you awarded them.
5) Make sure to post this set of rules in your post!
Now want to know  who is awarded? 


You can pick the award you want, or get all three! All you  have to do is (be following my blog or follow it) and tell me which award you are taking!

Have a great night!


9 note(s):

  1. i gt the kreativ one too, although, forgot about abortion to make me mad! darn me!

  2. Aw, you're so sweet to give the award to everyone, Emma!!! Thank you so much!!! I've already been awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award and the Versatile Blogger award, so I'll probably take the Your Blog is Great award. Thank you so much!!!!!!

  3. I pick the second one-link:

  4. I'm going to take the Kreativ Blogger and the Your Blog is Great awards!

  5. How fun Emma!
    I think I might just take the two bottom ones! :) Thanks!

    Love ya!

  6. Thanks, for doing the award!!


  7. Also Your Blog is Great. Thank you so much!

  8. I'll just take all of them to save you guys from confusion. That's Kreativ Blogger, Your Blog is Great, and Versatile Blogger.


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