Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Date With Mama

Today I had a fun date with Mama! First we left for my Orthodontist appointment. Was. not. very. nice. It hurt, and is still hurting. I got teal bands :) They are very bright!

Then we were deciding where to go to lunch, neither of us were very hungry so we decided to go to Baskin Robins! I got Watermelon ????? (<something) It was pink watermelon ice cream with dark chocolate "seeds" It was so cute and SO good!

Then we went to, well we tried to go to a book store and it was closed. SO we went to The Shoe Station. Mama bought some Crocks :) Then we went to Life Way.

Then we went to the doctor, then to Target. We got some fun stuff :) Then we went to Barns and Nobles and I got some more Warrior books! They are about cat Worriors... kind of odd...

Then I took a nap on the way home :) We had a wonderful time! I always have a fun time with my Mama!

Have a great day!


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  1. sounded like you had fun! hey! i have teal and purple bands.
    hope it stops hurting soon!
    --Rachel S

  2. Your date sounds fun!
    OMG! I am such a Warriors fanatic! Which book are you on??
    Purple Pixie

    1. On Warriors book 3! LOVE IT!

    2. So, you are reading Forest of Secrets? I forget what they are like!
      ♥ Purple Pixie and Skye

  3. I LOVE WARRIORS!!!!!!!! Have you read the latest book yet? I found it at Barnes N Noble but I was only able to read about half. :'( But I love those books!!!!

    1. :( Which is the latest book? I am only on the 3rd of the Worriors!

    2. You told me about those books when we Skyped! I'll have to check them out! I had my orthodontist appointment on Wednesday! NOT FUN!!! I am DREADING my next on because they are going to be putting my last 4 brackets on my very back teeth and messing with one of my teeth that is being stubborn! UGH!!! You feeling better now? Hope so!


      p.s. Sorry for my LONG comment! Got carried away! :)

    3. The latest book is called The Last Hope, and it's in the 4th series. There are a LOT of books, 6 per series, and 4 series. And they'll be making a 5th series soon. They'll last you a LONG time. I've read them all except the most recent one. :P When you get into them they go fast! :D

    4. I Know! I have almost read the first four in a little more than a week!

    5. That is the one I am currently reading. The The Last Hope is really good! I can't wait until the Survivors comes out! I think I am going to read those. I didn't read the Seekers, they just didn't seem very interesting!
      ♥Purple Pixie

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  5. Hey Emma, I awarded you the 'Your Blog is Great' award.

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  6. Loved Warriors! I read all of them when I was about your age. I still have the first set back at my China home. :)


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