Wednesday, May 23, 2012

a Phone and an Etsy!

Hi girlies! I really want my etsy shop to pick up! I am saving for a phone! If I save up $50 dollars I get to get one! So I hope to get more sales, and save the money I earn!!! SO I am giving y'all a 15% off coupon! AND a Free Shipping coupon!

15% off

Free Shipping


Also if you are not allowed to order online, I have a shop blog (HERE)! So you send me the check and I send you the stuff!

ALSO I am accepting two people for a Product Review! BUT what you do is I give you 50% off coupon and free shipping to buy up to three items then you do a review of them on your blog! So if you are interested email me at


Have a great day!

1 note(s):

  1. Hey hun,

    I would love to sponsor swap with you. :)
    If you could just email me a 175x75 button to by the 31st of May that would be wonderful!

    What size button of mine would you like for your blog?

    - Felicity. xx


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