Friday, May 4, 2012

Product Review: Avalyn Designs

Ashley from Cheery-o let me do a product review with her Lady Emma Necklace. I was so happy when she said she would do a product review swap with me! She let me chose what I wanted to review, and I was very happy to get the lady Emma necklace I had been wanting ;) So here is my review!

Shipping was very quick! And it came in a bubble envolope so it was very "safe" ;)

^^^Nice :)^^^

This necklace was really great because, I wanted to do the product review today, BUT I am REALLY low on laundry SO that left me with not alot of clothes, but this necklace goes with alot!

This is what I wore with it!

A black low cute shirt with a white tank top under it, blue jeans, and the necklace (of course!)

^MAN my teethe look yellow!!!^
I really like this necklace!

Avalyn Designs is a great place to bye affordable, beautiful, very clean, and very sturdy jewelry! Everyone needs some jewelry from Avalyn Designs! 

So go check it out!!! HERE

*Thanks SO much Ashley for letting me do this review! I LOVE it!*

LOL (LoveOurLord!),

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  1. That's really cool you got to review something!!! *little thought to self* *wish i could*

    God Bless You Emma!


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