Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy Dog+ Fun Day+ Happy Me!

Yesturday I went to see a friend, and we had tons of fun! And when I got back home my dogs sniffed me... alot! But I new they would... you know why? Because after petting there dogs, holding there cats, and riding there horse, and getting bitten by there horse for that matter, I knew what was coming! Yes, I got bitten by a horse, Her name is Ashley. I did not enjoy it. BUT my friend had a little brother who loves star wars too, so we talked about star wars for HOURS!!! IT WAS SO FUN!!! I LOOOVVVEEE Star Wars!!!

Morgan is doing very well! Today he has been trying to scoot around (I think that is good because he has been temperarily paralyzed :() but he did not like when GRACE had to bathe him :( Now he is not so happy... Thanks so much for your prayers for Morgan! God is healing him! I am so thankful!!!

Have a good day!

LOL (LoveOurLord!),

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  1. So glad Morgan is doing better! And even though I'm a Trekkie, Star Wars was my first love. <3


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