Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Ok, YES I changed the name AGAIN! I KNOW! I am mad at myself, but REALLLLYYYY hope to keep this name. Beautiful: Being Beautiful In God's Eyes. I am striving to have a closer relationship with God. I have not had a very close relationship with God for a while. It is really bad :( So I am going to post lots of Devotionals (mainly preaching to myself ;)

So hang with me! I may take a short break... We will see! The computer is down anyway :(

Anyway, hang with me! Maybe we will get somewhere!

Good bye, Beautiful,

PS Just 30 more followers and I can anounce the winners to the giveaway!!!!!!

6 note(s):

  1. Well, great new name and blog design! Can't wait to see where Beautiful goes!

  2. I really like this new name, it's sort of what I'm striving towards as well; getting a closer relationship with my King :)
    I also love the blog design, and I best of luck in getting those thirty followers! :)

  3. Cool! I like the new name!

  4. I like it! It has meaning and is sweet!

    Look forward to the giveaway winners!


  5. I love the new name! It also describes you :)


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