Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Week

Hey Girlies! Sorry I have not been blogging, though it has been a nice break!

Friday~ We went to see Madagascar 3! It was great! It wasn't as good as the others, but still very funny! I won't spoil it for it though!

Saturday~ I woke up early than my Mom and Sisters, my Dad was already up so Daddy and I had a little Daddy Emma time. We made coffee and sat out in his shop. It sounds boring, but it was a lot of fun! (it also made it for fun when we talked about crazy stuff, and used crazy voices ;) Then daddy showed me how to drive! It was sooo fun! First driving lesson :) Then we burned some branches. Then I went to a party, swam, ate cake, jumped in a bouncy house :)

Sunday~ I went to church, I went to tell Ms. Liz I would help with Bible School and a friend asked me to help her in Bible school. I am SOO excited! She is so sweet, I love helping with little kids, and I LOVE Bible school! I am helping with 4 and 5 year olds! :P lol

Monday~ I went to sewing. It went horrible. End of Story. ;) It wasn't too bad but I ripped a whole in the sleeve of the dress I am making, I finally got the sleeves in and I had to take them out because we thought it was too small, then it wasn't, but we have to put a zipper in it! AHH! But it is going to be SSOOOOOOOO cute!

Tuesday~ I was going to go berry picking, but it rained too much. So we just went over to our friends house. I had fun, but her little brother is very annoying  and we had to include him... It was the right thing to do though...

Wednesday~ Today we went to town (an hour and a half away to the closest wall mart :P) and we took my little sister to her appointment, then we went to Family Book Store. I got two ADORABLE magnets of my first two initials E and M. They are SO cute! Then we went to hobby lobby. I bought some charms, inclueding a Cameo charm :) Then we went to Bath and Body works, than to Jo~Ann's. I got some fabric I am making a dress out of! Can't wait!

So that is what I have been up to. (new design coming soon!) What have you been doing???


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  1. good, i thought you were going to spoil m3. i'm seeing it on sat for my b-day party!

  2. What a week! This week has been crazy for me, too, and I'm excited it's almost over, haha. :)

    (I'm hosting a caption contest!)

  3. Your week sounds very fun! You sound like me with the sewing class! The almost same thing happened to me! LOL! :)


  4. Isn't driving fun!? My 22 year old brother taught me how to drive this year and he let me park his truck! I'm helping with bible school too! It starts this Monday! I can't wait!!
    I've been babysitting all week :P I babysit for 2 adorable little boys. I'm actually babysitting them right now but they are taking their naps. Stay beautiful!


  5. Madagascar 3???!?!?! No fair!!!!! I'ts really out already??! :D
    I actually help out in my church class too, with the Kindergarten to 5th graders. It can be a lot of fun! :D
    Can't wait to see that dress you're sewing, and the new blog design!!!!

  6. Your week sounds fabulous!

    I awarded you over at my blog!


  7. I loooooved Madagascar 3! It was soooooo funny!

  8. I've seen Madagascar 3 too!!! I even think we went on the same day......
    Anyway, I awarded you on my blog
    Ladybug's Footprints
    aka Makayla Warren

  9. Sounds fun! I got a new blog -


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