Saturday, May 18, 2013

I am Sorry for my Lack of Presence

'Ello! Like I have stated above I am extremely sorry for my lack of presence! I suppose I have had time, but there have been other things that I have chosen to occupy my time with. For example I have been spending lengthy periods of time indulging in books such as "The Lord of The Rings". It is now a very beloved series of books! Though the movies are far from flawless they are wonderful too. The books are about an enthralling adventure which takes place in Middle Earth. I highly recommend it! I personally believe it is absurd to call yourself an admirer of LOTR and not read the books!

But back to how I have been absent I truly am sorry and hope to do better. Although it might stay this way for I have been finding joy in many other things than spending my time on the computer. I do love my blog, but it will not be first in priorities. I do hope y'all will understand :)

If y'all are curious as to why I am expanding my vocabulary it is simply because I do have a fondness for words that aren't used as much as they should be used. LOTR uses so many words that no men use in these modern days. There are many words I haven't the foggiest notion of what they mean (for instance I have a friend who uses many words I haven't ever heard of!), but maybe I will comprehend some more words.

Well I am off for I have the Doctor Who season finally tonight (which I am rather depressed about)  to watch.

So long dear friends!

Emma Margaret

*Everyone should make a post using as many big words as possible! It's so fun!*

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