Sunday, June 16, 2013

a Proposition for You!

Okay! I want to get back into blogging! I'm really gonna try! I know I have reaaallllyyyy slacked lately, but I'm gonna try! So here is my proposition for you! If you make a blog post/review about my blog  I will give you a post/review on here about your blog!!

the post has to be FULLY devoted to my blog and about nothing else or it will not qualify! 

If your blog has cuss words in your posts or is not a Christian blog I WILL NOT post about your blog! So you don't have to post about mine if this is the case! 

Thanks! Hope y'all do this for me!!!

In Christ,
Emma Margaret

5 note(s):

  1. Hey there! If I do this in 2 weeks to a month or so, would you still review mine?

    1. Yeah! Just send me a link when you do!

  2. I love your blog! I did a post about your blog here:

  3. I did a post about your blog


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