Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Ahhh it's been a good summer so far! But this weekend has been the best!

First it starts with a party with my besties, Josie and Macey! We made color bombs, and ate pizza, decorated t shirts, and made tutus! Than I got to spend the night! ALL IN PREPORATION FOR THE NEXT DAY :D The 5K Color Run to raise money for Josie's family! It was so much fun! We were sooo messy! And my legs were soooo sore from running 5K! After the 5K run I went swimming with Josie and Macey, than we tie died t shirts until dark and saw TONS of fire flies!!! Macey and I spent that night with Josie too than went to church the next morning! After church we sold spagetti plates to raise money to go to IYC next summer! Than we were auctioned off in groups to work. Our group (which was all girls *thumbs up*) was sold for about $230. OH YEAH ;D

Than I went home and took a 5 hour nap. It was awesome. Haha. Than Mama and I had to take my dog, Morgan to the 24 hour vets office at 10PM because he was bleeding D: But he is okay and just has a bad bladder infection. We got home at 2AM.

So I had a very sleep deprived, fun, with new experiences, lots of laughs, and bestie time filled weekend! :D

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  1. Wow!! :) The weekend with your best friends sounds awesome! And I'm glad your dog is okay!

  2. My sister and I want to compete in a 5K Color Run soon as well! I am thrilled that you had a great experience with it!

  3. (Not sure if my first comment posted. :/ )

    My sister and I want to compete in a 5K Color Run soon as well! I am thrilled you had such a great experience with it!


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