Saturday, February 16, 2013

'Ello Loves!

I am going to be doing some fixin' up on my blog! So here are a few things I want to do and talk to y'all about and ramble a bit!

1. Post atleast once a week! This may be all y'all get but I'll try my best and y'all just be patient okay? 

2. I will TRY to have a giveaway every 2-3 months! 

3. I am not doing blog design or etsy anymore just so y'all know! ....that was a bit random... but I am thinking when I get some more followers I might do adds but for the moment no add swapping! 

4. Everyone is sooo sweet giving me awards and things and I am really sorry I don't do most of them but I am kinda busy :/ Sorry :'(

5. What do you think about the blog design? like it change it? If you think I should change it what do you think would be cute?

6. I'm learning sign language! *AHHH it is soo fascinating!* I got a book yesterday and I thought about posting a video with some of what i've learned! Would y'all enjoy it?

7. Any fun ideas for the blog? I need some ideas!

8. I want to just say how thankful I am for my followers! <3

Okay well that is about it for now! 


PS Happy late Valentines day!!!

5 note(s):

  1. For #2:
    r u gonna hav a giveaway soon?

    1. I'm afraid not! Since the last one was really big I will wait longer! Thanks for commenting!

  2. How about tutorials? Hope everything starts smoothing out and falling into routine :) Sign language is awesomesauce girly :) I wish I knew more... Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!

  3. Improving your blog is always so fun. Maybe you can add a background color? :)

    You don't need to do give-away's THAT often LOL. How do you like MY blog btw? I'm trying to make it better

    God Bless

  4. We would enjoy just you being random or photography and/or writing contests. Those improvements sound great!


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