Sunday, February 10, 2013

Product Thanks! Nautical Nonsense and BookMarksNRings

Nautical Nonsense and BookMarksNRings both sent me a goodie! So I thought I would thank them with a special post! First for BookMarksNRings!

They sent me this ring! This is great for any social outing! Its a great with any color and adds that little bit of ump to your out fit! You can get a similar ring for about $9 but there are a whole bunch of cute stuff in there! *this is an adjustable ring!*

I got a personalized ring with my name on it from Nautical Nonsense! Which I was thrilled to get! It is simple and goes with anything! I can wear it with my my purity ring on the other hand on not feel "over loaded" with jewelry! It is adorable and my sister could not be more jealous! ;) You can get one of these for $8 and get to choose what size and from Gold/Copper/or Silver! I went with silver <3

Thank y'all so much for your gorgeous rings! I love them and they are definitely a big part of my outfits!!!

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